Action sci-fi film “The Old Guard 2” began filming, it will be online in early 2023 at the earliest


Recently, the action sci-fi film ‘The Old Guard 2’ started shooting successfully. It is understood that this big female action film, has officially entered the shooting stage. And Netflix has not yet announced that the film is scheduled.

However, according to the general streaming cycle, this film will be online in early 2023 at the earliest.


The film is directed by female director Victoria Mahoney. She was born in New York City, USA and is a female director specializing in action films. She has previously made ‘Yelling to the Sky’, ‘The Red Line’ and ‘Kill Them All’.

It is worth mentioning that she has worked with Patty Jenkins on the limited series ‘I Am The Night’. In fact, ‘The Old Guard’ had a mediocre reputation, but the number of hits was very pleasing.

The first part about the woman Andy is actually a strong warrior immortal ‘Andromache’, “dead” hundreds of times and reborn in a different identity.

Andy and her legions of immortals have guarded the human world for centuries, but now, in this age of advanced technology of all kinds, it is increasingly difficult to hide one’s identity ……

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