19.2GB! “The Matrix Resurrections” 4K high-definition download tragically flowed out, IMAX CEO: box office ruined


The fourth work in the “The Matrix” series “The Matrix Resurrections” was released today in North America on December 22.

In the afternoon, HBO Max’s online viewing was lifted. The movie “The Matrix Resurrections” was 2 hours and 27 minutes long, with 4K UHD and Dolby Vision versions.

Regrettably, as previously worried, the 1080P SDR, 4K HDR and other resources have already flowed out on pirated websites as soon as the film went live, of which the 4K HDR version was as high as 19.2GB.

19.2GB! "The Matrix Resurrections" 4K high-definition download tragically flowed out, IMAX CEO: box office ruined

It is understood that as early as December 17th, after “The Matrix Resurrections” was first released in Japan and other places, the pirated version of the theater ran away.

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However, users complained that the picture quality was poor, and the pirated version was even inserted into gaming advertisements.

In fact, before the release of “The Matrix Resurrections”, IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond publicly stated that he hoped that Warner would abandon the practice of simultaneous online and offline screening, and at least give theaters a little more exclusive period.

He believes that viewers who love the Internet will naturally watch piracy.

At that time, Rich Gelfond also said, look at it, piracy will really hurt “The Matrix Resurrections”.

Before the deadline, the freshness of “The Matrix Resurrections” rotten tomatoes was 70%. The M station averaged 65 points, IMDb 6.7 points, and IGN 4 points.

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