Will Thor still stay in the Marvel Universe after “Thor: Love and Thunder”? Kevin Feige’s answer is subtle

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Christian Bale, who has played Batman in three previous films, had always wanted to work with New Zealand director Taika Waititi, although it was a bit of a leap to join the Marvel Universe as Batman.

Christian Bale “It was great to work with Taika Waititi, and really, it’s a very touching film, but it’s also a Taika Waititi film, and everyone knows how much he loves to spoof. The cast was strong and the shoot was a pleasure.”


Bale revealed that in order to play Gorr the God Butcher, he had to wake up and sit in the makeup chair for nearly four hours every day in order to become Gorr.


He confessed at the premiere that he has seen very few films, and despite the good word of mouth for ‘The Batman’, he has not seen it until now: “Every director I’ve worked with has been shocked by it, ‘You’re kidding …… ‘, I like to appreciate the film, rather than lack, but ‘The Batman’ I must see, Robert Pattinson is a great actor, we met each other, slight communication.”


It is said that when the former Batman taught Robert Pattinson the ways of the heart, he seriously suggested that the latter should consider how to pee in that leather suit, so Robert Pattinson asked the crew to design a crotch opening for his Batman suit.

Bale put the blame for defecting from Marvel on the family’s two children: “This time it was my kids at home who made the decision for me, ‘Dad you have to take this film’, ‘Seriously? ‘Yes, you have to take it’, I had to say ‘okay, I’ll take it’.”


Natalie Portman, who returns to the Thor series after a decade, also praised Taika Waititi’s novel interpretation: “He’s got a lot of ideas, he’s full of ideas, he’s full of ideas, it’s a miracle, and it’s been a privilege to witness the whole thing.”


Chris Hemsworth, who has been involved in eight Marvel films, said he has been playing Thor for more than ten years, and it is his quest to always be new, just to present new and strange content that he has not tried before.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ premiered yesterday at the Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, and the film will open in theaters on July 8.


Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed in a related press release that Marvel will return to San Diego Comic-Con, which opens next month after a three-year absence, for the show’s July 21-24 dates.

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