Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

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Two sci-fi blockbusters will be released in the second half of 2021. They may have a common audience group, namely “The Matrix 4” and Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune”.

These two films are basically determined to be released in the fourth quarter of this year, and both try to set off a new wave in the epic science fiction market that has been silent for many years.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

At the same time, because these two works are not considered new works.

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“The Matrix” had a trilogy before, and “Dune” was also released in 1984.

Therefore, the teams of these two works also hope that the same fans who made these old works a classic will come back to relive the glorious years of these film series.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

“The Matrix 4” is a follow-up to “The Matrix” in 1999 and its 2003 sequels “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions”.

“Dune” is the first of two planned adaptations of the author Frank Herbert’s legendary novel.

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It has been more than two decades since the Matrix movie was released in theaters.

Although many hacker fans think that the “first trilogy” is already a relatively complete series of stories.

But it is true that some people want to know the future direction of the story, especially in the world after the two main protagonists, Neo and Trinity, died in the final battle.

As for Dune, it was adapted into a movie as early as 1984, directed by the maverick filmmaker David Lynch.

At that time, most of the work deviated from the novel, caused some bad controversy, and the box office was quite a failure.

However, it was later regarded as a “cult” movie, which received a certain degree of recognition and was adapted into a number of computer games.

These two movies are both masterpieces of Warner Bros., and they are likely to make a lot of money for Warner, and both are mainly launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

Don’t know which science fiction epic will perform better?

Although there will be a large number of sci-fi and sci-fi-like mainstream movies in 2021 before the end of the year, “The Matrix 4” and “Dune” are among the most eye-catching.

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The “The Matrix” series is still considered to be one of the more popular epic science fiction/action blockbusters in history, and one of the prominent big movie cultural phenomena since the 1990s.

Although “The Matrix Reloaded”, especially “The Matrix Revolutions”, there have been mixed reviews.

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But their content and significance have become an important topic of discussion or debate among epic science fiction fans for more than ten years.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

Any development of this science fiction story may immediately attract many people to participate, especially when creator Lana Wachowski returns to the helm again.

As far as Dune is concerned, although some people did like the film adaptation of v1984.

But most “dune lovers” still think that Herbert’s highly acclaimed book has not been truly reflected on the screen.

This also makes “Dune” return to the big screen this time, full of expectations in all aspects.

Director Denis Villeneuve was given the freedom to make and adapt this epic film.

Many dune enthusiasts are very optimistic about Denis Villeneuve’s performance after watching his “Blade Runner 2049”.

The cast makes everyone more confident.

Regarding the 2021 sci-fi “hegemony” between “The Matrix 4” and “Dune”, an interesting factor needs to be considered.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

Although both are Warner Bros. movies, their distribution methods may be quite different.

After the epidemic has affected the entire 2020, Warner Bros. announced that all their 2021 movies will be shown on the HBO Max platform and in theaters at the same time.

But “Dune” production studio Legendary Pictures is not satisfied with this approach.

In April of this year, it was reported again that Legendary Pictures was still negotiating with Warner Bros. over the possibility of “Dune” being released in theaters instead of on the HBO Max platform.

At present, if you refer to the practice of Marvel’s “Black Widow” on the Disney+ platform, then good or bad results (piracy seems to appear the next day) may cause certain variables, after all, there is at least one quarter before the release time.

But “The Matrix 4” has not had such controversy.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

One of Legendary Pictures’ gains is the recent box office success of their “Godzilla vs. King Kong”, at least in the current situation that is still affected by the epidemic.

Therefore, there should be no such disputes in Dune.

After all, the results of “Godzilla vs. Kong” show that despite the impact of the epidemic to a certain extent, this epic film will still attract a large number of audiences into the theater.

What’s more, there is still some time before the end of this year. With the popularization of vaccines, the general situation will only get better and better.

Because “The Matrix 4” and “Dune” both have a huge production budget and a sophisticated production team. Therefore, the box office of the two movies should not be bad.

However, when it comes to which will become the bigger box office hit, “The Matrix 4” seems more likely.

After all, the previous trilogy allowed it to accumulate enough fan base. After so many years, these fans are also looking forward to the development of the story and the return of the protagonist.

And “Dune” because of some derivative TV series and game works, although it has a large group of fans.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

But after all, there is not necessarily a very expectant connection with the upcoming movie, so it will be slightly inferior in terms of attracting audiences.

In addition, there is an unfortunate fact that although director Denis Villeneuve’s films are well received, not all his past films have a good box office.

His latest large-scale sci-fi work “Blade Runner 2049”, despite being blessed by celebrity v and widely praised, performed far below expectations at the box office.

Although “The Matrix 4” has a clear advantage in terms of potential box office appeal, in fact “Dune” is likely to be better than it in terms of quality.

Although Villeneuve has a poor box office record, he is a popular director for a reason.

He is a very talented filmmaker. He came to adapt this most complicated, fascinating but incomprehensible novel in the history of science fiction, with his own know-how and strength.

Two upcoming sci-fi masterpiece, which one you optimistic about?

So Dune is likely to become a truly great and classic sci-fi movie, and it may open the door to a new “Dune” series of movies.

On the contrary, the plot of “The Matrix 4” is still shrouded in mystery, especially its two protagonists need to return in some way, which is a very risky thing.

Once there is a problem with the setting, hacker fans will leave a sour taste. Although fans also know the existence of this risk, but they will not give up the hope of reaping success.

Of course, the most positive situation is that both “Dune” and “The Matrix 4” can perform well, which will be a blessing to all fans.

Films, audiences and critics will decide whether this will be achieved by the end of 2021.

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