There are hundreds of pairs of screen CPs, which pair can touch you the most?

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Today is 520, a sweet day for lovers!

Romantic moments, let’s take stock of the classic CPs that have been on the screen for many years.

There are always some CPs, no matter how many years have passed, as long as they are framed together, they will always remind people of their emotional stories on and off the screen.

Ethan Hawke ♡ Julie Delpy

1995 "Love Before Dawn"
1995 “Love Before Dawn”

“When you were young, you always thought you could meet a lot of people, and then you realized that the so-called chance is actually only a few times.” This line, which came from the heroine’s mouth in the second part, became the finishing touch of the whole film.

The hero and heroine met in Vienna, the capital of music, and met again in Paris, the capital of literature and art, and finally settled in Greece, the capital of love, spanning 18 years.

And the real-life actors Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke also acted from their twenties to their teens, in line with the three life and love changes of the characters in the play.

2004 "Love at Sunset Twilight"
2004 “Love at Sunset Twilight”

This kind of mellow tone is also only recognized by Richard Linklater, a director who spent 12 years making a “Boyhood”.

Like Celine and Jesse, who met for a day in a foreign land, unforgettable love that can finally blossom and bear fruit in a lifetime, few people have the luck to meet in real life.

Celine is sensitive and delicate, and has an idealism of a young woman. It is indeed a surreal rarity to meet a “reckless” man like Jesse who is willing to take that step first.

2013 "Love Before Midnight"
2013 “Love Before Midnight”

Zac Efron ♡ Vanessa Hudgens

2006 "High School Musical"
2006 “High School Musical”

It’s still a routine campus love, and it’s still a conflict between the future of “being a doctor, lawyer and engineer” and the music dream of “singing whenever you want”. Looking back now, it seems like such a cliché.

Unfortunately, as long as the melody like “Start of Something New, Breaking Free, Can I Have This Dance, We’re All in This Together” echoes in your ears again, you will start to cry again.

2007 "High School Musical 2"
2007 “High School Musical 2”

There was once a person who made you feel as if life had a new beginning, and the two of them could always “break the rules” together.

TA is a song in your heart, walking with your dreams, lighting up your entire college youth, and you even promised and sketched countless future scenarios to TA.

Helplessness is the last, and we, like the love off-screen between the two leading actors Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, are just passers-by to each other after all. In addition to the lost youth, the theme of Now or Never makes people cry, which can always ignite the fire in people’s hearts that has never really been extinguished.

2008 "High School Musical 3"
2008 “High School Musical 3”

Renee Zellweger ♡ Colin Firth

2001 "BJ's Single Diary"
2001 “BJ’s Single Diary”

Rather than talking about a couple of CPs, it’s more about Renee Zellweger and her men.

Compared with the youthful and splendid campus loves of High School Musical, who are surrounded by high-quality abstinence uncles and philandering men, they show us a material, complex and changeable adult love.

2004 "BJ's Single Diary 2"
2004 “BJ’s Single Diary 2”

One day, you will no longer have to deliberately lose that little bit of meat around your waist, watch his favorite books and movies, and dress up as the “goddess” he occasionally mentioned… One person will suddenly appear Now, you don’t have to do anything to hug you tightly because he says, “Cause you’re amazing, Just the way you are.”

2016 "BJ's Single Diary 3"
2016 “BJ’s Single Diary 3”

Tom Hanks ♡ Meg Ryan

1990 "The Man Who Jumped the Volcano"
1990 “The Man Who Jumped the Volcano”

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were indeed the face of American romantic comedies in the 1990s, and their films together set astonishing box office records.

Their sense of CP is not as legendary as Leonardo & Kate, nor as beautiful as the “Love Is” series, but it is closer to what ordinary people should look like!

1993 "Sleepless in Seattle"
1993 “Sleepless in Seattle”

There are not only “Sleepless in Seattle”, the whole film is only in the same frame for more than two minutes, and there is love at first sight, but also “Electronic Love Letter”, which makes the warmth and love slowly rise in each other’s hearts.

Thinking of the British love in “Notting Hill”, the combination of Tom & Mag always reminds people of New York and Seattle.

After 16 years of dating by email, the two met again for “Ithaca”. Although they were not acting as lovers, they worked closely behind the scenes, one director and one producer.

Over the years, the two have forged a deep bond both on and off the stage.

1998 "Electronic Love Letter"
1998 “Electronic Love Letter”

Woody Allen ♡ Diane Keaton

1977 "Annie Hall"
1977 “Annie Hall”

Unlike other CPs who have become attached to the show, “Annie Hall” is directly based on the way of love in the lives of Allen and Keaton.

There are hundreds of pairs of screen CPs, which pair can touch you the most?

This film, which is still regarded as a blueprint for love by literary and artistic youths, is trying to complete a lonely love, a spiritual journey through modernity and postmodernity.

In the 1970s, Diane Keaton and Woody Allen made a famous romance.

They met at the audition for “Stupid Goose” and didn’t get to know each other until dinner after a late night rehearsal.

Allen said Keaton’s sense of humor appealed to him.

They spent a lot of perfect afternoons together, and a lot of mundane nights discussing lunatics.

In the end, their relationship is the same as “Love dies” expressed in “Annie Hall”, but they have each obtained the “eggs” of love.

We need to find a loved one to teach us how to live in peace with the world.

Even from a once-close lover to a best friend, love itself has been harvested.

1977 "Annie Hall"
1977 “Annie Hall”

Leonardo DiCaprio ♡ Kate Winslet

1997 "Titanic"
1997 “Titanic”

The status of this pair in the hearts of fans is naturally needless to say.

There were so many auditions for Jack and Ruth back then, but fate made Leonardo & Kate meet, and since then the two have known each other for 20 years. She “confessed” him seriously at the Golden Globe Awards, and he personally gave her hand to the groom…

There are hundreds of pairs of screen CPs, which pair can touch you the most?

The hot girls seem to flow one after another in Leonardo’s life. Kate has ups and downs in her married life, her weight has gone up and down, and her looks have gone up and down, but the only thing that hasn’t changed is their friendship and company.

When I was young, I thought that the most touching love was “You Jump I Jump”, but I didn’t expect that many years later, I would be poked into tears by the photos on the bedside of the old Ruth.

She didn’t even have a photo of him, but she made people live like him until she died.

2008 "Revolutionary Road"
2008 “Revolutionary Road”

Tony Leung ♡ Maggie Cheung

2000 "In the Mood for Love"
2000 “In the Mood for Love”

Some people say that Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung are the Chinese version of Leonardo & Kate. They are existences beyond love and lifelong confidants.

In “In the Mood for Love” in the new millennium, Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen, who are in love with each other but cannot love each other, are dressed in a cheongsam in a secluded alley.

There are hundreds of pairs of screen CPs, which pair can touch you the most?

What is more subtle than the script is the feelings of the two actors themselves.

Let love die at the most beautiful time, it sounds like an alternative confession of literary and artistic youth in this era, but behind it is not only the missed opportunity, but also one’s own cowardice and uncertainty about the future.

If there was any way to keep us forever apart, some would choose not to get close in the first place.

2002 "Hero"
2002 “Hero”

Elijah Wood ♡ Sean Austin

2001 The Lord of the Rings
2001 “The Lord of the Rings”

Sam’s true love for Frodo, no one is allowed to refute it!

Sam: Mr. Frodo, there are still some good things in this world worth fighting for.

Frodo: I can’t get that far without you (Sam).

Because, Everyone needs a Sam!

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