The 7 most-rated latest U.S. movies this month

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1.”Gunpowder Milkshake”

Except for Nebula, all the actresses played well.

Especially Michelle Yeoh, the perfect combination of clothing, hairstyle and movements.

Unfortunately, the laugh is awkward, and the rhythm is deliberately loose.

The setting may be interesting, but the plot is too boring, so I didn’t intend to be logical.

In this way, in terms of rhythm, the director intends to return to Western films and extend the tension before the opening of the action scene.

In terms of lines, I deliberately imitated Quentin’s nonsense lines. The action scene obviously learned the realistic style of the John wick team, but every step was not done well.

It is the first time I have witnessed what a film produced by a professional crew with a bad director looks like.

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2.”Fear Street Part 2: 1978″

It’s better than the first one, and the story of the camp massacre is good.

The core bones of the story are also there, everyone in Shady Town is cursed, and there is a glimmer of hope of escape or paralysis in a miserable life, which is quite depressing.

The encounter between the film and the first two supporting characters is also linked up.

Everyone is willing to give everything for the opportunity to get themselves and the people around them out of this cursed state.

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3.”Black Widow”

Action movies with no merits, action and drama are still improvised, there are too many literary and drama bugs, what do you want to express at the beginning, where is the family connection?

I haven’t seen it for more than 20 years and haven’t looked for it… Why did the sisters fight?

In Ohio, just like the Americans, in St. Petersburg, it became English with a Russian accent?

Looking at this movie alone, there is no superhero image for Natasha, she looks more like a powerful human at best.

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A very special story.

There is a scene at the beginning that is almost American ptsd. Many metaphors, many dreams. Some screen transitions are quite amazing.

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5.”The Forever Purge”

The production team saw Michael Bay, and the plot style of this story can be imagined.

The so-called horror film is not terrible at all, and it has completely played the feeling of “Call of Duty”. The most impressive scene is a night battle in the city, the scene with tanks, which is very thoughtful.

The photography is from AMC, the whole holding is a bit too shaken, occasionally a few scenes shine, but the whole is mediocre.

The same works produced by Mexican filmmakers, and the New Order are almost in heaven and underground.

6.”The Boss Baby: Family Business”

Unexpectedly, after so long, DreamWorks was embarrassed to move out the IP that was not very popular before and continue to use it.

It still retains the problems of less laughter, forced sensationalism, and excessive conflict in the previous work, and it has become more noisy in the sequel.

A cartoon, let the audience see the sense of fatigue, but also admire.

The only thing worth laughing about in the whole film is the role of the baby sister, which even surpasses the image of the baby brother in the first film.

As a supporting role, it is really not easy, but as a cartoon, it is not a good thing that the supporting role overwhelms the protagonist.

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7.”The Tomorrow War”

It’s a pretty good science fiction movie, involving space transitions, crossing paradoxes, future biological forms, etc.

I think the score should not be so low, and the fighting scenes are quite shocking, the movement is smooth, and the plot is also very good.

“The Tomorrow War” is a sci-fi work that is worth watching. Those who have seen “INCARNATION” should like it.

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