Superman is back! ? Henry Cavill rumored to appear as Superman in ‘Black Adam’ easter egg

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Will Henry Cavill return as Superman in a DC superhero movie? This has always been an urban legend and unresolved, but there seems to be a silver lining at the moment.

According to a report in Geekosity, ‘Black Adam’ is scheduled to be released on October 21. Due to a new policy set by Warner Studios, the only DC superhero movie that will be released this year is ‘Black Adam’.

Superman is back! ? Henry Cavill rumored to appear as Superman in 'Black Adam' easter egg | FMV6

And there is no official news to confirm that Henry Cavill will return to play Superman, fans can only wait until the end of October in the theater to watch ‘Black Adam’ when a glimpse of the reality.

The news comes courtesy of media personality Syl Abdul, who says: Henry Cavill shot a new egg for ‘Black Adam’ about three weeks ago, only this time Henry didn’t continue to wear the black Superman costume from ‘Justice League’, but instead wore the classic red and blue Superman costume from ‘Man of Steel’. The classic red and blue Superman costume.

Numerous media news sites, such as “The Hollywood Reporter”, “Screenrant” and other sites have reported that ‘Black Adam’ will shoot a new picture and the possibility of Henry Cavill returning to play Superman.

This media source also claims that new negotiations between Warner Studios and Henry Cavill are continuing and that Henry has been costume tested by Warner Studios!

If this is true and goes well, we may see Henry Cavill return to the DCEU as Superman in the near future!

The news was also revealed by Zack Snyder, the director’s cinematographer, who tweeted that the ‘Black Adam’ shoot was indeed happening, and wrote in his tweet: “One step closer to our goal! The meaningful tweet got fans talking on the internet!

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