“Shining Vale‎”: Is this a real ghost or crazy?

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Thriller and comedy, two very different elements, come together and often have strange effects.

Starz recently had a thriller comedy “Shining Vale‎” starring Courtney Cox.

On the surface, “Shining Vale‎” has all the elements of horror and thriller, but the characters’ dialogue is very funny, so it makes people afraid and laugh.

The story goes that the Phelps family of four moved to Shining Vale from Brooklyn.

"Shining Vale‎": Is this a real ghost or crazy?

They bought a huge old house, but from the time they moved in, things got weird.

The heroine Pat is a writer who writes quasi-erotic novels aimed at female readers.

Because of the cheating, Pat’s marriage with her husband Terry was cracked. In order to save the marriage and save the family, the two planned to start over, so they chose to invest all their worth and buy this old house in Shining Vale.

Two children, Gaynor and Jake, are in the midst of a rebellious youth.

"Shining Vale‎": Is this a real ghost or crazy?

Gaynor is a typical teenage girl who is unhappy about leaving Brooklyn.

Jake is introverted and not good at communication, and doesn’t care about what’s going on around him.

The old house they lived in had been uninhabited for a long time, and it was eerie.

Pat always felt like she saw something scary, but it seemed that only she could see those strange things, which made it even more difficult for her, who was already facing a bottleneck in writing.

If you have to choose one between “thriller” and “humor”, this play obviously focuses on the former, and the thriller atmosphere is quite strong.

For a long time in the story, only the heroine Pat “god to hell”, she repeatedly told her family, but the family agreed that she was just because the pressure of moving was too great.

"Shining Vale‎": Is this a real ghost or crazy?

This made Pat fall into self-doubt, “Am I really crazy?”

This is a typical metaphor.

Everything Pat encountered in this old house may be a manifestation of her inner anxiety or even depression, but her depression was completely unresonable with her family, and she was laughed at and ignored.

Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Pat from “Shining Vale‎” cheats on her for thrills, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

The family left Brooklyn to a new environment to try to have a fresh start, but “damn” she seems to be heading for depression step by step.

No one can help her in this predicament, Pat has to find the answer on her own.

"Shining Vale‎": Is this a real ghost or crazy?

The ghost Pat saw was a housewife in the fifties, Rosemary, who used to live in the house.

As a housewife of a certain era, Rosemary’s entire life revolved around her husband and family, which is very different from Pat, who lives in this house and writes women’s erotic novels for a living.

Rosemary became a source of inspiration for Pat’s writing in the search for the answer, but the relationship was of course unsustainable.

“Shining Vale‎” opens with this sentence: Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men, twice as likely to be possessed by a demon and that both conditions have similar symptoms.

So whether there is a real “ghost” or the heroine in this play is really just a mental problem. The answer can be interpreted in any way, and I don’t plan to give the exact result.

Although it can’t be said to be very exciting, the story of “Shining Vale‎” seems to be a ghost and does not seem to be a ghost. The “ghost” and the hostess can still help each other. It’s a bit interesting, and it makes people curious.

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