Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t care about Oscars: I’d rather make Marvel movie with a billion-dollar box office

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The only Oscar Samuel L. Jackson, 73, has ever won is a lifetime achievement award, but he doesn’t care about that.

He recently said in an interview with the ‘Los Angeles Times’ that he would rather do a multi-billion dollar comic book movie at the box office than deliberately play a role that is up for an Oscar.


“I will never let the Oscar be the measure of my success or failure as an actor. The standard of my success is my happiness: am I happy with what I’m doing? I don’t want to make movies that chase trophies. Like, ‘If you make this movie, you’ll win an Oscar.’ No, thanks. I’d rather play Commissioner Nick Fury, or enjoy being Jedi Master Mace Windu with a lightsaber in my hand.”


He then further elaborated on his thoughts: “I’m the kind of actor that people can see my lines on a T-shirt. Some actors have been acting all their lives and no one can quote a single line they’ve said in a movie. And people can go see my movies and see how crazy I am, or count how many times I say ‘ma jak fak’.”


In the days to come, Samuel L. Jackson will be appearing in more entertainment-oriented films and TV shows, and he will continue to play Nick Fury in the upcoming new Marvel series ‘Secret Invasion’.

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