Norman Mark Reedus accidentally revealed that “Death Stranding 2” was in development, and Hideo Kojima shared a picture of “beating him”

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On May 21st, Hideo Kojima was always vague when he was interviewed by the media about his plans for a sequel to “Death Stranding”. However, its lead motion capture actor Norman Mark Reedus made it clear in an interview that a second “Death Stranding” is in the works.


Norman Mark Reedus told Leo Edit that the follow-up to Kojima Studio’s PlayStation and PC games has just begun.

“We’ve just started the second installment,” Norman Mark Reedus said.


Hideo Kojima also appeared to be responding to Norman Mark Reedus’ surprise revelation, tweeting a few pictures today and saying “Go to your private room, my friend.”

This may be a reference to the iconic private room in “Death Stranding” where players interact with the protagonist Sam.


Hideo Kojima’s photo shows him picking up a baseball bat and threatening Norman Mark Reedus, seemingly mocking his leak.

The tweet also aroused heated discussions among netizens and received 20,000 likes.

The media learned that “Death Stranding” is an action game released by Sony Interactive Entertainment on November 8, 2019. The game tells the story of the protagonist, Sam, who must bravely face the world that has changed beyond recognition due to Death Stranding, unite the existing society, and save the human beings in the alien space.

Norman Mark Reedus accidentally revealed that "Death Stranding 2" was in development, and Hideo Kojima shared a picture of "beating him"

“Death Stranding Director’s Cut” has recently been launched on the PC platform. Compared with the original version, new combat content, combat systems, weapons, construction equipment, etc. have been added.

At the same time, it will also have new story missions, support for photo mode and ultra-wide monitors.

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