“Death Stranding 2” confirmed? Norman Mark Reedus: We just started the second part


Norman Mark Reedus, who played the role of “Sam Porter Bridges” in “Death Stranding,” recently revealed that “Death Stranding 2” is in the works in an interview with digital publication “Leoedit”.

Reedus recalls: Guillermo del Toro called me and said, “Hey, there’s a guy named Hideo Kojima, he’s going to call you, you just answer “yes”.


I was confused at first, but he insisted that I agree to Hideo Kojima’s request.

Later, I went to San Diego, USA, and then Hideo Kojima brought a team from Tokyo, Japan to meet me.

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He showed me that he was working on a game called “Silent Hill”, and I was blown away by what he showed, and I was like, “Okay, let’s work together.”


It’s not “Pac-Man”, the game looks so real, so futuristic, so complex and gorgeous, I’d say I was completely blown away.

Reedus also mentioned that the motion capture and other work on the original “Death Stranding” took about two to three years, which was a lot of work.

The game finally released, and then it won tons of awards, which is a pretty big deal. So he and Hideo Kojima have just started work on “Part 2”.

"Death Stranding" confirmed? Norman Mark Reedus: We just started the second part

Back in March 2020, Reedus revealed that he was in “negotiations” with Hideo Kojima for a second collaborative project.

In August 2021, Reedus also mentioned that “Death Stranding” may have a second part, because related discussions are already underway.

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