Natalie Portman: The main reason for joining “Thor: Love and Thunder” is to make children admire me

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Natalie Portman herself did not expect to return to the Marvel Universe, let alone become the mighty Mighty Thor.

17 years of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ completely without Jane Foster’s role, Portman himself admitted that ‘Thor: The Dark World’ was too bad, and that “they usually don’t make more than three films for the same series movies.”


Director Taika Waititi, on the other hand, has not forgotten the role, and bringing Jane Foster back has been one of the things he wanted to do most.

“I’ve seen her as a scientist in ‘Thor’ ‘Thor: The Dark World’, and that character seems to be just an accessory to the main character, a woman who runs around and has no role on Earth throughout. Thor flies around saving the world, she stays on Earth tiptoeing around thinking ‘when will he come back’ – it’s boring as hell! I want her to join the adventure!”


In addition to Taika Waititi’s invitation, Portman said a big reason for joining ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ was to have children admire him.

“I’m entering a phase in my career – trying very hard to impress my kids. My two kids, one five and one ten, were fascinated by the whole process of making a Marvel movie. Visiting the set and seeing me in the cape was just like a fascination, and it was just so cool, okay? They acted completely different from before: they used to always pester me, and now they always rush me to work.”


Starting in the fall of 2020, Natalie Portman trained under a professional trainer for 10 months to reshape her physique, especially her shoulders and arms, even “drinking all those protein powders and stuff”.

“In ‘Black Swan’ I was asked to be as petite as possible; here I was asked to be as big and strong as possible. It’s an incredible challenge and an expression of my status as a woman.”


“We had very good stunt doubles to complete those particularly difficult movements, but I still did a lot of the running, jumping, sword dancing, hammer swinging and other action scenes myself. It was very helpful to develop a strong body. You have to have some upper body strength when you’re wearing that heavy cape all day.”

But even so hard, one meter six want to catch up to the gap of one meter nine, is also very difficult, Natalie had to step on the stage every day when shooting to show a little affection with Chris Hemsworth, rather than look askance.

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