Mila Kunis: I knew for a long time that “Jupiter Ascending‎” would fail

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In a recent interview with a podcast while promoting her new film ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’, Hollywood actress Mila Kunis recalled when she starred in the 2015 box office disaster “Jupiter Ascending‎” and the host asked her when she felt the film would flop, to which she responded, “I knew it before we started shooting!”

‘Jupiter Ascending’ is a sci-fi blockbuster directed by ‘The Matrix’ Wachowski siblings with an investment of $176 million (Boxofficemojo’s data) and released worldwide in spring 2015.

The film Northern America box office of less than 50 million U.S. dollars, the global box office is only 183 million U.S. dollars, to the distributor Warner brought a huge loss.

Mila Kunis: I knew for a long time that "Jupiter Ascending‎" would fail | FMV6

The film has a Rotten Tomatoes fresh rating of only 28% and an IMDb rating of 5.3. Earlier, lead actor Channing Tatum once recalled his “nightmare” while shooting ‘Jupiter Ascending’.

Mila Kunis said in the interview, “You have to ask me when did I know (that the film would fail)? I knew before we started shooting, because the budget was cut in half”

With an initial budget twice as large, you can do more with more money, and usually this type of script has a good story line and can be extraordinary in terms of special effects scenes,” she says.

Mila Kunis revealed that right at the time of pre-production, Warner decided to cut back on the budget, leaving the already tight production funds stretched to the limit.

Mila Kunis: I knew for a long time that "Jupiter Ascending‎" would fail | FMV6

Jupiter Ascending’ story is set in the distant future, when a variety of genetic modification is prevalent, humans can combine animal genes with human genes to obtain more powerful power, while the pure humans have become the bottom of society.

Mila Kunis plays a human woman who is ordered to be hunted down because she has the same genes as the Queen of the Universe and threatens her power.

Channing Tatum plays the bounty hunter responsible for hunting Mila Kunis, but ends up falling in love with the human woman. His character is set to be ‘Goblin’, with genes that are half human, half wolf, and part albino.

After ‘Jupiter Ascending’, Mila Kunis has rarely acted in big budget films, and the box office and word-of-mouth failure of this sci-fi blockbuster seems to have affected her starring status in Hollywood.

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