Marvel producers want to reboot Toby’s Spider-Man 4!

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In 2002, “Spider-Man” starring Tobey Maguire earned $800 million at the global box office, which can be said to truly mark Hollywood’s entry into the era of superheroes.

After the success of Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s first two “Spider-Man” films, Sony’s rush to add three villains in order to increase the appeal of the third installment created the overcrowding problem that plagued the film.

Mi Lei’s feud with Sony led to his refusal to return to the planned “Spider-Man 4‎”, leading to a reboot of Andrew Garfield’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” a few years later.

Marvel producers want to reboot Toby's Spider-Man 4!

Later, several Spider-Man storyboards and plot tidbits were released publicly, and fans learned that Mi Lei once had plans for “Spider-Man 4‎” as well.

Bruce Campbell, who made a cameo appearance in the “Spider-Man” trilogy, Mi Lei’s plan was for him to play Mysterio in “Spider-Man 4‎”, with the storyboard showing that Spider-Man would arrest and debunk him early on mask.

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Vulture would be the main villain in “Spider-Man 4‎”, which was later played by John Malkovich in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, which was Mi Lei’s plan.

Mi Lei’s plans actually include “Spider-Man 5” and “Spider-Man 6,” with Anne Hathaway playing the black cat, and Dylan Baker playing the lizard man-turned Dr. Curt Connors.

Marvel producers want to reboot Toby's Spider-Man 4!

Although Mi Lei had a lot of plans, and even a companion game was already in development, “Spider-Man 4‎” never came out. And now Toby’s return in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has given him renewed hope, and he has expressed his willingness to return to direct “Spider-Man 4‎”.

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Recently, former “Spider-Man” producer Grant Curtis, who is now the producer of Marvel’s new drama “Moon Knight”, accepted an interview with Gizmodo, expressing his hope that the canceled “Spider-Man 4‎” can be re-released. make.

Curtis shares his love for “Spider-Man”:

“The Spider-Man movie is a rare opportunity in our careers. As a fan, I love the story of these three films.”

Marvel producers want to reboot Toby's Spider-Man 4!

He hopes the stories that have not yet been told will continue:

“There are other stories in these films that are not being told. I hope that one day, as any Spider-Man fan would hope, all of these stories will continue.”

If Sony brings Mi Lei and Toby back to continue the “Spider-Man” series, there will still be some problems.

Marvel producers want to reboot Toby's Spider-Man 4!

The first is that Toby is now in his forties, and the original plans for “Spider-Man 4‎” needed some changes.

Also, the Toby version of Spider-Man in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” belongs to the writer and director of Marvel. Sony can’t use it casually, but if it is completely separated from “Spider-Man: No Way Home” , may also cause many problems.

The future of Toby’s version of Spider-Man is unclear, and hopefully “Spider-Man: No Way Home” won’t be the last time fans see him.

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