Marvel: Four superheroes whose strength will increase greatly in the future, Thor is expected to get epic enhancements

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the strength of superheroes is not static, but different Marvel heroes have different potentials. Some can continue to grow stronger, some have reached their limit, and some will even appear. The combat effectiveness is declining, but in the future Marvel movies, the strength of several superheroes will still be greatly strengthened. Let’s take a look at it together.


The space for growth of Spider-Man in the Marvel movie universe is very large. At present, Peter Parker is the youngest superhero in the movie, and he still has a long way to go in the future. Marvel will definitely continue Strengthen Spiderman’s.

Because Spider-Man has already got Iron Man’s Edith glasses in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”, this means that he can use the equipment left behind by Iron Man to facilitate Spider-Man to create all kinds of suits.

Spider-Man is actually a technological genius in the comics, creating too many sets of spider suits, so in the future, Spider-Man will definitely use this method to enhance his combat effectiveness.

War Machine

War Machine has always been a supporting role in Marvel movies, just like Iron Man’s younger brother. Even his armor was given to him by Iron Man. Colonel Rod usually fights mobs. No ability to line up with the boss.

However, Marvel has already planned to start filming the drama “Armor Wars”. The protagonist is War Machine. He has risen from a supporting role to the protagonist. This means that Colonel Rhodes will begin to carry the banner, so his strength is bound to be strengthened. Will be further transformed and upgraded.


The Falcons are now the second-generation American team. In the future, he will become the leader of the new Avengers. The Falcons now not only have Steve’s shield, but also a new suit. The combat effectiveness is different from the past.

In addition, according to the news, in the movie “Captain America 4”, the Falcon may also acquire a super power, the ability to communicate with birds. We call it “bird language”. In fact, in the comics, Sam himself It has this ability.

Falcon itself is not injected with super soldier serum, and there are countless enemies to face in the future, so Marvel is likely to give Falcon a “five-five” setting. With this passive, Falcon can do nothing. Scruples.


Thor’s own setting is that the older he is, the stronger his strength will be. In addition, the Saul in Marvel movies is always awakening step by step, from the original reckless teenager to the point where he can stand up to the hegemony.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” will be the fourth and last of Thor’s personal film series, plus Thor has been decadent in “Reunion 4” for a while, “Thor 4” Sol in “is likely to usher in another highlight of his life.

According to the news, Thor in “Thor 4” will no longer be in the form of fat Thor, and will return to his previous strong body and handsome appearance.

The great villain of “Thor 4”, God Slayer Ge, is not inferior to Thanos, but this is Thor’s personal movie, Thor must rely on his own strength to defeat powerful enemies, so many people speculate “Thor 4” Thor’s strongest form is expected-“Rune King” Thor!

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