Marvel first publicly honors Black Widow’s sacrifice

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In April 2019, the Marvel movie “Avengers: Endgame” was released. This movie can be said to be a worldwide sensation, and the most regrettable scene is “Death of Iron Man”.


Iron Man snapped his fingers at the expense of himself in order to save the lives of the entire universe.

The role of Iron Man has successfully propped up the development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for ten years, and so far all Marvel film and television works have his shadow.


Every fan knows the line “I’m Iron Man” as well as “love you 3000″…

In June 2019, “Spider-Man: Far from Home‎” was released worldwide, as if to commemorate an exclusive work of Iron Man.


However, don’t forget… Avengers who also sacrificed, in addition to Iron Man, Black Widow, and Vision.

Iron Man had a funeral, but the Avengers Black Widow and Vision didn’t.


There has been little public commemoration of Black Widow and Vision in work since “Avengers: Endgame”.

Occasional commemorations are also private commemorations (such as “Black Widow” independent films and “Hawkeye” episodes), or they are directly deleted by Marvel officials…

For example, the Marvel series “WandaVision‎”, which will be released in early 2021. There is a scene where Wanda comes to S.W.O.R.D., hoping to get back Vision’s “remains”.

Before that, Wanda had a brief conversation with the front desk staff domineeringly. Later, the behind-the-scenes staff of “WandaVision‎” shared the deleted scenes and lines.


One of them is this:

Pay attention to Wanda’s lines.


“I’m tired of everyone acting like Tony Stark is the only one we’ve lost. Like he’s the only Avenger. It’d be a shame if you were Natasha, but at least she’s flesh and blood, right Right? But where’s Vision’s memorial? No tribute to synths?”

This line can actually resonate strongly with fans, but unfortunately it was deleted by Marvel officials for some reason.

In the just-released 4-minute short of “Ms. Marvel” on Disney+, Marvel officially commemorates Black Widow’s sacrifice for the first time.


The short film shows a scene from the feature film of the Marvel series “Ms. Marvel”: Ms. Marvel attends a superhero exhibit with friends, and one of the murals features Black Widow and Iron Man.

There is a banner at the bottom of the mural “Thank you for your sacrifice”.

Marvel first publicly honors Black Widow's sacrifice

As mentioned by this netizen, the MCU finally commemorates Black Widow in an upright manner. This is a dull knife that has been delayed for three years…

However, aside from Wanda, who really remembers Vision’s sacrifice?

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