Vin Diesel wants Robert Downey Jr. in next ‘Fast & Furious’

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Vin Diesel was asked by ‘Variety’ who he would like to see in the next ‘Fast & Furious’ (which would be the second half of ‘Fast & Furious 10’, the last movie in the series), and he said, “Robert Downey Jr.

Vin Diesel wants Robert Downey Jr. in next 'Fast & Furious'

“Vin Diesel revealed that the future ‘Fast & Furious’ will feature a character who is the exact opposite of Dom and his family’s philosophy that the future belongs to AI and drones.

That being said, has Vin Diesel approached Robert Downey Jr. about the role? He pretended to growl and walked away, “How can you ask me that in front of all these people? I have self-respect and dignity!”

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