Kevin Feige was revealed that he had planned to jump ship DC! The reason is that he was disappointed with Marvel management

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Since 2012’s “The Avengers,” Marvel has created a cinematic universe that has become an industry legend, thanks to the man who oversees it all – Kevin Feige. With the success of the MCU, Hollywood as a whole sought to replicate this model, including Warner and the DCEU.


Initially, the DCEU began with “Man of Steel” and the DC cinematic universe took shape thanks to the efforts of Zack Snyder. But unfortunately, “Justice League” first before the release, Zack Snyder left DC, the DCEU is also interrupted.

Many have blamed DC’s failure on the lack of leaders like Feige, but Feige actually came close to going to DC!


According to a new report from Puck News, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did consider jumping to DC a few years ago because he was frustrated with Marvel management at the time, and Feige’s frustration came from former Marvel Entertainment CEO and current chairman Isaac Perlmutter’s opposition to diversity in the MCU.

Reportedly frustrated with working under Isaac Perlmutter, Feige then had serious talks with Warner Bros. in 2010.

At the time, Warner had reached out to Feige’s deputy to help run the DC Universe, but ultimately it apparently fell through.


And Feige’s talks with Warner prompted a promotion in 2015 and a direct reporting line to Disney CEO Isaac Perlmutter, and the merging of the Marvel TV division under Feige in 2019.

In October 2019, Feige was named chief creative officer (CCO) of Marvel Entertainment, while continuing in his role as president of Marvel Studios.

Today, Warner Bros. is desperately looking for a Feige-like leader to lead DC out of its rut, yet ironically they really almost had Feige back then.


Although Feige is now the president of Marvel and executive producer of the “Star Wars” series, so his workload is several times that of the past, but the overall route planning is still being handled by Feige himself, which may also be a reason for Marvel to remain dynamic.

But according to the latest news, Feige is looking for a trustworthy director to replace him and supervise the production of the MCU “Fantastic Four” project.

Since Feige’s workload is really too heavy now, he can’t supervise the whole shooting process. This is why Marvel’s works now increasingly feel less unified overall style than in the past.


But on the contrary, DC, since the merger of Warner and Discovery Channel, the newly appointed CEO David Zaslav announced to the public, will copy the internal structure of Disney and Marvel, in order to do a major overhaul of the top, and is currently worried about the choice of DCEU leaders.

Compared to this, Marvel is well-staffed, but the current directors and writers, talented and trustworthy are really only a few of them.

Although Sam Raimi and Michael Waldron because “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and praised, but I personally think they do not fit the style of the MCU, shooting things out of the gold, but not the substance.

Kevin Feige was revealed that he had planned to jump ship DC! The reason is that he was disappointed with Marvel management

In contrast, like the old-school Marvel director James Gunn and Taika Waititi is the best choice, in addition to the two of them, of course, the most consistent with the fans recognized God – the Russo brothers.

I can only say that at present, Marvel and DC have their own problems, both sides are also trying to find ways to fill the flaws, I just hope it can be completed soon.

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