“Deadpool 3” screenwriter revealed: Thor will join the film and Deadpool team up!

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According to the latest media reports, in the “Deadpool 3” being produced by Marvel, Thor is expected to join and Deadpool team up to make Deadpool’s MCU debut.

According to multiple media reports such as SCREENRANT and theDirect, “Deadpool 3” writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed in an interview that Chris Hemsworth is expected to appear in “Deadpool 3”.


Since Disney’s acquisition of the Fox film and television industry, its Marvel rights have officially announced the return of the MCU, in addition to the X-Men and Fantastic Four, Deadpool is also an important fan favorite character.

And Disney has also given the green light to “Deadpool”, including Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to join the MCU, as well as the film will maintain the original R-rated style.

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Deadpool 3″ has been in early development, and today the film’s two writers also revealed the latest progress of the film.

In an interview with “Den of Geek,” the two mentioned that Chris Hemsworth is expected to join the film: “One thing they’re pushing is that Hemsworth, after working with Netflix on “Spiderhead,” has him on board and Thor will appear in ” Deadpool 3.”


“Man, we can’t say right now because they’re working on it, so let’s not talk about it right now, but it would be really cool if it worked!”

Considering that the film’s script is still in the early stages of development, the two writers also have to abide by the principle of confidentiality can not reveal too much.

But as far as the MCU is concerned, the multiverse has been completely released, and Deadpool is likely to enter the main universe as a character from a parallel time and space.

And Thor also mentioned in the previous report, “Thor: Love and Thunder” will not be the end of Thor’s journey, Marvel has another arrangement for him in the future. As for whether he can join “Deadpool 3”, we still need to wait for the subsequent negotiations between the crew and Chris Hemsworth.


Considering that the MCU does not have other series and Thor bundled together, the Avengers are also in a semi-stagnant state, the future should not appear for a long time the large-scale assembly of the film, perhaps take advantage of this time to let Thor with the new characters added, is the most important thing Marvel should do.

As for “Deadpool 3”, the two writers did reveal some of their ideas and thoughts, they said Deadpool will continue the previous “poisonous” style, and will continue to break the subgenre wall, in the lines to tease the recently aired / released works.

The writers said they would love to use Deadpool’s mouth to express their thoughts on “Morbius”.

In addition, Deadpool will make a confession to Spider-Man in the movie, and they said they will definitely try to get Deadpool and Spider-Man to work together in the same frame.

"Deadpool 3" screenwriter revealed: Thor will join the film and Deadpool team up!

They have even been preparing lines for the two characters’ rivalry, which is said to be a “very big” project.

In the previous fans have been fantasizing if Deadpool met Spider-Man, the two talkers will have what kind of sparks.

It seems that not only the fans, even the writers are also very happy to see this, from the “Deadpool 3” to start six months, I hope the film can be smoothly progress.

Also, what do you think about the new Chris Hemsworth-Deadpool couple? Do you think it will work?

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