‘Jibaro’ director Alberto Mielgo says the title has no special meaning

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“Love, Death & Robots Season 3‎” Season 3 finale, “Jibaro,” sparked a debate on the subject, with the interpretation of the word’s original meaning – a metaphor for the idea of ​​”Latin American colonial plunder” , received a lot of support.


In an interview with CBR recently, director Alberto Mielgo revealed that he had no special idea when he came up with the title “Gibaro”!


Mielgo said: “This is so funny. The name doesn’t make any sense. At first, I just wanted to do a story of a knight in the middle of some sort of forest. I wanted him to be sort of tribal-looking . In this case, I chose [a] very Spanish character, and that was the title, “Jibaro,” without knowing what jibaro means. Then I started [doing] some research, and jibaro is a word that, in South America, they use in different countries with different meanings, apparently. In some countries, it means some sort of wild or savage [person], and in some other countries, it means some sort of a countryside person that works in the fields. I think that even in Venezuela, it has something to do with drug dealing [at] a high level. [laughs]

This happened after. I just think that it’s a cool catchy name. It sounds sort of exotic for some reason, so I wanted to stick with it. By the way, in the movie, we never actually say who is Jibaro, which is kind of the funny thing. We assume it’s him, but maybe it’s not.”

'Jibaro' director Alberto Mielgo says the title has no special meaning

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