“Iron Man 4” HD pictures were leaked, Ultron army invasion of Earth?

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Speaking of the ‘Iron Man’ series of films, I believe you all know its status in the comic book movies. If it were not for Robert Downey Jr. to save the day, maybe now we have no comic book movies to watch.

Because of this, Marvel for this movie and the role of Robert Downey Jr. have a special attention. Since Robert Downey Jr. announced that he would no longer play Iron Man and quit Marvel, Marvel has been looking for Robert Downey Jr.’s successor.

And in the recent seems they found the right person! Even the script and content have been done, because the “Iron Man 4” high-definition picture is suspected to have been leaked.


According to the leaked pictures, we can see that this new Iron Man should be the multiverse and the world of the ‘Avengers NOW!

Because the white armored Iron Man only has Avengers NOW! so one, and in the original Avengers NOW!

And from another leaked picture, this time the new Iron Man movie is estimated to be a big production again, because the Ultron army are coming.


However, because there are only a few leaked pictures, so we are not sure whether this is Avengers NOW! invasion of the main universe, or Spider-Man accidentally ran into the world of Avengers NOW!

In the case of both are possible, I personally think it is Avengers NOW! invasion probability is greater, to know a small spider simply do not deserve Avengers NOW!

Look at the leaked map, Ultron legion has acted, which means that the next Earth is afraid to be finished again.


Of course, before that there is a very important thing to consider, that is, in the previous ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ trailer, Tom Cruise’s version of Avengers NOW! The original comic book had Illuminati.

In other words, in “Iron Man 4”, either we can see Avengers NOW! as the head of Illuminati, or two Iron Man against each other, for me personally, of course, I prefer to see the latter.


If it is really the latter, we can play their imagination, so that Marvel invited back Robert Downey Jr. and let Tom Cruise through the two battle, so that you can complete the Iron Man identity handover.

Robert Downey Jr.’s appearance does not have to be too long, a few minutes or even a few seconds, because only by doing so can Tom Cruise’s Iron Man be accepted more quickly by the network.

If you let Tom Cruise play hard, it may also have the opposite effect, after all, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man is too deep.


For this suspected ‘Iron Man’ new leaked pictures, do you think it will really be a movie?

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