Inventory of 9 favorite movies of global audiences

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Inventory of 9 favorite movies of global audiences, and what are their moving parts.

“The Silence of the Lambs”

The plot of the movie itself is not very complicated, but the characterization is very deep. The use of intention is very good, that is, the Lamb and the Nightmare, which makes this movie deeply rooted in the hearts of the people again.

I really like this kind of movie with deep emotions. The emotions of the characters can penetrate into my heart and feel comfortable.

When I read your past, I grabbed your heart. A person’s past is the key to a person’s heart, and Hannibal saw her through.

Women have a kind of delicacy. This delicacy and strength are fascinating. Although startling is strong, she is also humble, compared to a reckless and arrogant man.

This also made her walk into Hannibal’s heart. I never thought that I would be overwhelmed by the touch of my fingertips. The spiritual love and connection are too noble!

Just like classical music and art, noble, elegant and beautiful


This time, it’s not the structure of the story that burns the brain, but the theory of interstellar crossing, and then the visual wonders created based on these theories.

The structure of the play is still the parallel montage acceleration commonly used by Nolan, and the final reversal can be regarded as a loop.

Very traditional Hollywood genre writing, the use of details and foreshadowing is definitely a textbook level.

Whether the theory is difficult to understand is not the point, because the core of the story is always paternal love.


It’s a very exciting movie, but today, after so many years, many routines have flooded.

In the end, he even began to guess that in case the wife might have been placed next to the protagonist in advance.

The charge of jealousy is a bit far-fetched, but this kind of religious film is very appetizing to the audience.

“Fight Club”

The film uses a series of stories about protagonists with multiple personalities (ie, dissociative personality disorder).

People can’t help thinking about the semi-psychological and semi-philosophical question of what is meant by ‘I’.

“Django Unchained”

The classic American western film forms the idea of ​​black and white ethnic differences, and the violent aesthetics of spurting seductive blood.

It’s amazing that all the big-name actors are perfectly integrated in his hands, the lines are strong and the image is full of temperament.

The traditional single-line narrative structure is adjusted, but it is still full of joking and disdain, and the perfect combination of art and entertainment is once again.

“The Upside”

This is a very pure movie, and it is also very simple: pure friendship.

But the beauty of the movie is that the story is moving, the feelings are sincere, and it is not overly or artificial.

Every little detail, every little smile, is so pure and clean and natural, but it really makes people laugh.

“Schindler’s List”

“Schindler’s List” adopts the old black and white film technique, but presents the most brilliant humanity.

The victory of the movie lies not only in the plot, the camera, and the actors, but also in this true story.

This benchmarking story about Mr. Schindler’s saving the Jews and Steven Spielberg’s directing have jointly created this treasure-level movie in film history.

“Anyone who saves a life will save the world” This is the most beautiful light of the movie.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”

Three hours is not long at all! Adapted from the autobiography of real people, the whole process from Wall Street freshman to the imprisonment of the rich.

A lot of first-person voiceovers, the whole scene laughed from the bottom of the heart to crazy! Drug prostitutes are laundering money and doing extraordinary things desperately. There is no lower limit to the surprise of introducing hopelessness.

After being psychedelic, he returns to the perspective of ordinary people, where humor and serious reality coexist.

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“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

The success of this film in the world is largely due to cultural differences. Of course, many people cannot understand it is also because of cultural differences.

The huge and magnificent world system constructed by this film can be said to have had a huge impact on magic movies and Japanese animation.

And the spirit of unity and cooperation contained in this film is contrary to the general law that heroes are lonely.

Other aspects such as adventure, bravery, responsibility, and framing are top performances.

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