If “Shazam!‎” is a bad movie, is “Black Adam”, a spin-off from ‘Shazam’, worth watching?

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DC’s new film ‘Black Adam’ has been scheduled to be released in Northern America on October 21!

However, “Black Adam” was originally a supporting character in “Shazam!”, a film originally planned to tell the origin story of both Black Adam and Shazam.

Dwayne Johnson prompted the splitting of the origin stories of “Black Adam” and “Shazam” into two separate films.

If "Shazam!‎" is a bad movie, is "Black Adam", a spin-off from Shazam, worth watching? | FMV6

At the time Johnson signed on to play Black Adam in “Shazam!”, he got the first draft of the movie as a combination of Black Adam and Shazam: a movie with two origin stories, as the script originally was.

Yet as he read on, his instincts told him ‘we can’t make this movie like this, it would be incredibly damaging to Black Adam.

Based on this belief, he continued to lobby for his anti-hero Black Adam to be made into an independent film, and he “made a phone call”.

On the phone, he shared his “unpopular” opinion, saying, “I think you should do Shazam!” the way you want to do it, and then the Black Adam part should be separated.

In 2017 DC executives announced their decision to make Shazam and Black Adam into separate major motion pictures.

Star and producer Dwayne Johnson has been involved in these projects since 2008 and has seen his Hollywood profile grow significantly in the years since then.

If "Shazam!‎" is a bad movie, is "Black Adam", a spin-off from Shazam, worth watching? | FMV6

The second ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ will be released in Northern America on December 21 this year.

The film tells the story of a teenager separated from his mother since childhood, Billy (Asher Angel s role) bounced around a number of foster homes, a misadventure to an unknown territory, and become the heir to an ancient wizard.

When he shouts “Shazam”, he instantly becomes Shazam (Zachary Levi), a superhero with a strong adult body.

Billy is so excited that he and his foster family’s brother upload videos showing various superpowers to the Internet and spread them around. As a result, the malicious Doctor Sivana (Mark Strong  s) came to the door.

Doctor Sivana had lost his childhood identity with Shazam, has not been treated by his father and brother he sold his soul to the Seven Deadly Sins devil, he even tried to destroy the Shazam that he wanted and hated ……

If "Shazam!‎" is a bad movie, is "Black Adam", a spin-off from Shazam, worth watching? | FMV6

Black Adam is a DC Comics super villain, whose real name is Teth-Adam, born in Egypt, thousands of years ago was chosen by the sorcerer Shazam to become the first defender of morality, and was given the power of the six Egyptian gods.

The powerful power of his mind was corrupted by evil, and he became Black Adam, attempting to get rid of all witches and wizards, becoming the only person in the world who can use magic, hoping to make the world develop according to his ideal trajectory. As a result, he was defeated and sealed by the sorcerer Shazam for a thousand years.

If "Shazam!‎" is a bad movie, is "Black Adam", a spin-off from Shazam, worth watching? | FMV6

Until modern times by Doctor Sivana found and unsealed, only to see the light of day, the accumulation of thousands of years of revenge fire Black Adam determined to destroy all those who stand in his way, and for this reason repeatedly with Shazam and his friends the Justice League as enemies.

If "Shazam!‎" is a bad movie, is "Black Adam", a spin-off from Shazam, worth watching? | FMV6

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