Hideo Kojima praised the third season of “Love, Death & Robots”!

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Since its inception, “Love, Death & Robots Season 3‎” has been praised continuously, and the word of mouth has continued to grow. It is still 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and the Popcorn Index is as high as 87%. However, IGN thought it was too violent and only gave a low rating of 6 points. A few days ago, well-known game producer Hideo Kojima praised “Love, Death & Robots Season 3‎” on Twitter.


He said: “‘Love, Death & Robots Season 3’, ‘Jibaro’ made by the super-genius Alberto Mielgo and his team who created ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‎’, is amazing! Watch After this, no one can create CG images anymore! Bokeh, film leaks, bold composition, unexpected editing connections, color design! Just the performance of the lines and the sound effects are as beautiful as an oracle!”

Hideo Kojima praised the third season of "Love, Death & Robots"!

“Love, Death & Robots Season 3‎” is a collection of adult-oriented animated shorts from NetFlix, covering a variety of genres and formats.

Each episode of the short film is directed by a different director and has different themes, including fantasy, sci-fi and horror. This season is divided into 9 episodes. The longest single episode is 21 minutes and the shortest is 7 minutes.

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