Here’s Johnny! ‘The Shining‎’ movie prop axe starts auction at $50,000

Movie World

According to media reports, the classic prop “Axe” in the movie “The Shining‎” has recently been listed on the American online auction site “Gotta Have Rock & Roll”.

This is the same axe that Jack Nicholson wielded in the movie “The Shining‎”.

In addition to the axe itself, the auction included several stills from the film and a letter of certification from NORANK Engineering, an engineering unit in the film and television entertainment industry.

This instruction booklet from June 8, 1989 confirms that the axe is indeed the original in the film, and ends with a certificate of authenticity from the auction site “Gotta Have Rock & Roll”.

Bids for the axe started at $50,000, with the highest bid currently at $60,000.

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