Henry Cavill talks about Superman’s future image

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Henry Cavill, who recently announced his return to DC films to continue his role as Superman, recently spoke with ScreenRant, saying that there will be much discussion about the content of future Superman films and that he himself has a very close connection to the character, and that his goal is to make the image of Superman inspiring, to give, to love and to protect humanity: “There is something There is something special and outstanding about him: giving and loving.Not that love, I mean he loves the earth and the humans on it and wants to make people feel powerful in themselves and make them feel like they are supermen……. I have a very strong desire for this – of course the future is going to be discussed, but the most important thing is: to make the audience feel like they can fly after watching the movie out of the theater, feel like they can go protect others, feel like they want to go pay for others, that’s my goal.”

Henry Cavill talks about Superman's future image | FMV6
Henry Cavill talks about Superman's future image | FMV6

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