Americans don’t understand Tom Hardy’s accent, and they don’t understand Johnny Depp’s

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A few days ago, the language teaching platform Preply released a survey on the use of subtitles, and again speaking English, some actors must look at subtitles when they speak.

Americans don't understand Tom Hardy's accent, and they don't understand Johnny Depp's | FMV6

The results show that the most difficult actors for Americans to understand are Tom Hardy, Sofía Vergara, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Jackie Chan, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc.; the most difficult episodes are ‘Peaky Blinders’ Derry Girls” ‘Game of Thrones” ‘Downton Abbey’ and so on.

Tom Hardy is a British actor, starring in ‘Mad Max’ ‘Venom’ and so on, Sofía Vergara is Colombian, Schwarzenegger is Austrian, Jackie Chan elder brother is Chinese, Benedict Cumberbatch is British; on the list Only Johnny Depp is strange – he is a native American.

Most Difficult to Understand Actors Ranking

Tom Hardy (England)

Sofía Vergara (Colombia)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Austria)

Thomas Sean Connery (Scotland)

Johnny DeppJackie Chan (China)

Ozzy Osbourne (England)

Benedict Cumberbatch (England)

Michael Caine (England)

James McAvoy (Scotland)

Salma Hayek (Mexico)

Brad PittGal Gadot (Israel)

Idris Elba (England)

Liam Neeson (Northern Ireland)

Ricky Gervais (England)

Sam Heughan (Scotland)

The hardest show to understand:

‘Peaky Blinders’

‘Derry Girls’

‘Game of Thrones’


‘Downton Abbey’


‘Squid Game’



‘Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area’

‘Doctor Who’


‘The Crown’

‘The Walking Dead’


‘Love Island’



‘The Expanse’

‘The Witcher’  

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