‘Ambulance’: an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

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When it comes to Hollywood’s representative action directors, I believe everyone first thinks of the famous “Michael Bay”. The explosions in the works and the directing style of slow motion surrounding the camera make him the most charismatic director.

Therefore, this time, the theme is that the protagonist was arrested by the police after robbing the bank, and he also tried to bring a refreshing experience to the audience through the intense and exciting racing car chase scene.

The protagonists of “Ambulance” are a pair of brothers born in the slums of Los Angeles. The younger brother Will was adopted by his elder brother Danny’s father when he was a child. Their father is a well-known figure in the local area, but not the positive kind, but a Brutal criminals.

'Ambulance': an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

If there is a security guard or the clerk is unwilling to cooperate in a bank robbery, he will ruthlessly kill everyone, which makes the two brothers can only support each other in the process of growing up, and also accumulate deep feelings.

However, the “Ambulance” brother Danny grew up but inherited his father’s career. He started his career as a bank robber at the age of 17. His younger brother Will did not agree with what he did, so he cut off contact with him and left home. Joined the army, became a Marine, got married, had children, and started a family of his own.

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It’s just that the relationship between the brothers “Ambulance” didn’t end there.

After Will, the protagonist of “Ambulance”, returned from retirement from the Middle East, his wife was in urgent need of money for cancer, but the experimental therapy insurance company with a high recovery rate was unwilling to pay it, which also put their family in financial difficulties.

'Ambulance': an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

Therefore, just like the difficulties faced by all American veterans, when Will failed to ask for help, he had to go back to his brother Danny, who grew up with him, for help. This is the background of the “Ambulance” movie.

At that time, brother Danny happened to be planning a large-scale bank robbery and spent all the cash on hand, but the goal of 32 million US dollars would make them worry about food and clothing for the rest of their lives, so he invited his brother Will to join him. , hoping to increase their chances of success in action by leveraging his expertise as a Marine driver.

Under the theme of this quite American right-wing movie, “Ambulance” also made the brothers at the bottom in order to turn over and jointly launch an earth-shattering robbery.

Not as tough and hot as their dad, “Ambulance”‘s brother Danny, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, is a mild-mannered intellectual criminal.

'Ambulance': an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

Since he had attended the crime research department of the university, he was familiar with the organizational system of the American police, and had studied how they responded after receiving a report from the bank, so he was responsible for planning the detailed process of this robbery.

So even if Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s younger brother Will joins temporarily, the “Ambulance” robbery team can still function normally, infiltrating the bank smoothly, quickly controlling the situation without alarming, and stealing a large amount of cash from the vault.

It’s just that although there was a good beginning, when the few people finally finished work and left, the situation did not develop as expected, but encountered unexpected accidents.

Chuck, a rookie police officer, came to the bank to chat up his favorite clerk girl, but found that the door was locked. Although he felt that something was wrong, he was immediately held hostage by the robber, and accidentally shot by his brother.

'Ambulance': an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

However, the chaos in the bank also alerted his police partner who was waiting for his good news outside. As a result, the protagonist of “Ambulance” and his party were trapped in the bank by a large number of police forces, and the team members were killed one after another while trying to break out of the siege.

Therefore, the selling point and the most interesting part of the movie “Ambulance” is that the protagonist brothers, in such a desperate situation, disguised themselves as medical staff, held the ambulance that took the injured policeman away, and tried to break through the police layer. The escape process of layer siege and blockade.

Not only the subject matter is beyond the audience’s original imagination, but the police and criminals launched a thrilling speed chase, and also created a lot of space for “Ambulance” director Michael Bay to give full play to his strengths.

However, even if “Ambulance” is essentially a good film, the police and criminal chase scenes are continuous collisions, explosions and chaos, which have become the most criticized shortcomings of the entire film, but the film is still very exciting.

'Ambulance': an earth-shattering heist, speeding cars, explosions

I like the painstaking effort of director Michael Bay in shaping the background of the story and the mood of the characters in “Ambulance”. In the film, compared to the older brother Danny, who judges the situation rationally, the younger brother Will, who is more kind and emotional, also makes this robbery jump over the wall. The escape process adds many variables.

Although they were bank robbers, Will, as a veteran, was abandoned by the state and had to take risks for the sake of his family. He still knew that what he was doing was right and wrong.

So just as they’re trying to save Chuck, a wounded cop who’s dying, not just holding him hostage, the theme of “Ambulance” is ultimately a return to being a human being, we You should hold goodness, care about people and things around you, do your best, and take your due responsibilities.

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