Although Magneto’s cameo was deleted, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‎” still added related easter eggs

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Some time ago, Marvel released a related plot about Magneto’s deleted clips, which caused a heated discussion among fans. Many fans accused the writers and directors of not adding these deleted clips to the movie, and this voice is getting louder and louder , In this regard, Marvel officials had to come forward to respond to the dissatisfaction of fans.


The creative director of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‎” and the film’s VFX artist, Alexis Wajsbrot, responded to this question in an interview.

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He said that the original design deviates from the theme of the film, so that the final effect is not ideal, but to make up for it, Kevin Feige and the creative team added Magneto-related easter eggs in the film.


In the film, in order to escape from Wanda’s pursuit, Miss America opened a portal in a panic, sending her and the doctor of the main world to the universe of 838 Illuminati, and in the process of crossing, they experienced many different universes.

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And one of the universes is a world similar to the prehistoric era, and even dinosaurs can be seen, but this is actually the wild land in the original work. In the comics, the wild land is a tropical jungle hidden in Antarctica, and it still maintains prehistoric natural environment of the times.


There have been many storylines in the Wilderness. For example, when the “Uncanny Avengers” was founded, Captain America once led the team to the Wilderness to perform a mission, and he really invited Wolverine to join the Extraordinary Avengers here.


In addition, the most well-known incident in the Wilderness is undoubtedly the “X-Men” story, in which Magneto claimed that the place belonged to him, and also built a base, but was stopped by the X-Men who came to him.


As for why he thought of adding this easter egg, it is all thanks to Kevin Feige. Originally this scene was just a jungle, but at Feige’s suggestion, he added the wild world. He suggested that since Magneto cannot be added, add the relevant easter egg. .

And, Feige also asked to join The Living Tribunal, and he hopes to join a world of The Living Tribunal to bring more surprises to fans:


“Magneto is a great character and shouldn’t be abandoned like this, we can make a wild world, which is a world that exists in the Marvel universe, plus dinosaurs, and modeling, and textures within 2 seconds of debut, Rendering and animation, although these costs are not worth it, but I think it’s worth it for the fans.

Also I want to add a world where The Living Tribunal can appear, he can just be a living statue, but at least he needs to appear in the multiverse, I want to surprise fans. “


Like Feige said, the wild world and The Living Tribunal took a lot of manpower and money to make, and they only appeared in the film for less than 2 seconds, but they still joined in the end, in a sense, it was A little bit of bright spot in the movie.

The Wilderness, Magneto, and the Professor X that appeared in the film can be regarded as the foreshadowing of the introduction of X-Men and mutants in the future of Marvel.

Although Magneto's cameo was deleted, "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‎" still added related easter eggs

There is also a flash of The Living Tribunal, which also appeared again in the form of Easter eggs in “Thor: Love and Thunder‎”, which shows that Marvel will also focus on cosmic rays in the future, bringing more cosmic-level characters.

And this year’s “Thor: Love and Thunder‎”, which fans are looking forward to, will also be released on July 8 this year.

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