Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea’s Top Actors!

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Recently, a fierce story broke in the Korean acting industry: Ah-in Yoo, a top actor in the 30th generation (30-39 years old), has been suspected of injecting Propofol for a long time since 2021.

Propofol is a short-acting intravenous anesthetic that is commonly used for cosmetic surgery in Korea. Jung-woo Ha, Hermione, and Lee, Jae Yong, the head of Samsung, have all been fined for illegally injecting Propofol.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

In Korea, Propofol injection, except for special medical treatment, has been characterized as drug abuse since 2001.

According to Korean media on February 10, Ah-in Yoo urine test results came out positive for marijuana and negative for Propofol, and police will expand the investigation.

The police said that marijuana generally fails to react by urine test after 7 to 10 days of smoking, so it can be inferred that Ah-in Yoo had recently smoked marijuana.

The police have confiscated Ah-in Yoo’s cell phone and will start digital forensics.

The Ah-in Yoo agency is currently cooperating with the police investigation, and some Korean media are predicting that this incident could set off a massive search of the Korean show business.

Ah-in Yoo was born in 1986 in Daegu, South Korea. He became an actor at the age of 17 and has won 12 Best Actor awards in the past 20 years of his career, and is a regular at the three major Korean film awards.

In the past, Ah-in Yoo was the last actor in his class due to his appearance and style of drama, but with the support of drama awards, Ah-in Yoo has crossed the border of idol drama and his status is gradually equal to Chungmuro’s movie stars.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

Ah-in Yoo’s awards are all very valuable, and there is no element of luck that “it just so happens that all the opponents in the same category are weak”.

He won the Best Actor at the Baeksang Art Awards for ‘Six Flying Dragons’ against Cho Jin-woong in ‘Signal’, and he won the Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Awards for the first time for ‘The Throne’ against Kang-ho Song (‘The Throne’), Jung-jae Lee (‘Assassination’), and Jeong-min Hwang (‘Veteran’). The Throne’), Jung-jae Lee (‘Assassination’), and Jeong-min Hwang (‘Veteran’).

When he won his second Blue Dragon Awards for Best Actor for ‘Voice of Silence’ and his first Best Actor at The Asian Film Awards, he was up against Byung-hun Lee (‘The Man Standing Next’), Zhang Yi (‘One Second’), Koji Yakusho (‘Under The Open Sky’), Ka Tung Lam (‘Limbo’), and others.

Interestingly, Jung-jae Lee is the youngest Blue Dragon Awards winner ever (1999, age 27, ‘City of the Rising Sun’) and Ah-in Yoo is the second youngest, but Ah-in Yoo has won the Blue Dragon Awards twice, both times beating Jung- jae Lee (‘Assassination’ ‘Deliver Us From Evil’).

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

Ah-in Yoo’s acting skill consists of two parts, his awareness as an actor and his talent to understand his character. For ‘The Throne’, he banged his head on the stone floor until his head was bleeding, and for ‘Voice of Silence’, he gained 30 pounds. These are the parts of awareness that can be achieved with hard work and faith, but they are not the main reasons why he is the leading young actor in Chungmuro.

His real strength lies in the empathic power of the incarnated character.

In ‘The Throne’, there is a scene in which King Yeongjo (Kang-ho Song), the emperor of the Joseon Dynasty, sits behind Crown Prince Sado (i.e. Prince Sado, played by Ah-in Yoo), watching the Seon at the helm of affairs. Two faces, one screen.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

Kang-ho Song has interpreted King Yeongjo s oppression very well, while Ah-in Yoo has portrayed Crown Prince Sado’s fear of being a puppet who wants to speak up but doesn’t dare to do so, and has to guess his father’s meaning under this great pressure through his slightly open expression and panic in his eyes. The story is very clear.

The actor’s name is Kang-ho Song, but Ah-in Yoo is more delicate and tough than Kang-ho Song. Therefore, Ah-in Yoo’s acting skills are made by fighting with top Korean actors and actresses.

Ah-in Yoo has such acting skills because he follows his own desires.

In the 2014 Korean drama ‘Secret Love Affair’, Ah-in Yoo plays Lee Sun-jae, a 20-year-old piano prodigy who falls in love with Kim Hee-ae (Kim Hee-ae), a 40-year-old head of an arts consortium’s planning office. Lee Sun-jae is poor, but his poverty and genius are not the focus of Ah-in Yoo’s performance. Ah-in Yoo’s focus is on his youth and fervor.

So in the director’s ambiguous, glowing shots, Ah-in Yoo’s body is often seen in magnified detail, and the emotional secrecy of his interactions with the finely dressed noblewoman, thus revealing his own unique aura – a “steaming hot sensuality Ah-in Yoo thus unveils his own unique aura – a “hot and sexy”.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

‘Secret Love Affair’, ‘The Throne’, ‘Voice of Silence’ ‘Burn’ …… Ah-in Yoo in these works, the existential situation is depressing, but its spirituality is spurting.

Ah-in Yoo’s body image is sturdy and juvenile, but he also has to bear the delusion of his soul because of the type of role. Between repression and spurt, sturdiness and delusion, he becomes a sample of desire in Korean movies and TV.

For example, in ‘Burn’, the eye of Ah-in Yoo’s scene is not in the ending scene where he is naked in the snow, but he is masturbating to the distant Seoul Tower in the confined rental house.

The Seoul Tower, which cost 15 billion won, represents the modern and future of Korea. Apparently, Ah-in Yoo’s character, a youth from the lower class, can neither grasp the modern nor go to the future.

This scene, through sex, is a way to convey the desire and fantasy of the underclass youth to get ahead in Korea. This expression relies on director Chang-dong Lee’s design, but Ah-in Yoo’s own air of desire is one of the keys to making this scene stand.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

Ah-in Yoo plays the role of Tae-in, a mute corpse collector, and has no dialogue in the whole film. He gained 30 pounds, not because the director asked him to, but because he realized his role.

Tae-in’s eternally humble, ephemeral happiness is complemented by a fat body, so why?

Because such a shape, often give people the illusion of sluggishness and slowness, when the end of the film, he took the hostage little girl to school, turned his head and ran wildly, took off his suit, embarrassment, intense in the heart of the trembling, in order to constitute the strongest contrast with the illusion of appearance.

Therefore, Ah-in Yoo is always using her sexy body to interpret the various desires that are rooted in Korean class differences and cannot be hidden.

When he won the Best Actor at the Blue Dragon Awards for ‘Voice of Silence’, his acceptance speech was a mixture of humility and desire – “I am ready to be used by anyone, please feel free to use me!”

The photo of Ah-in Yoo was released in the social media despite the conservative social environment in Korea, which is basically a public coming out.

Ah-in Yoo is more than an actor, he is a synthesis of art and reality.

He founded the fashion magazine “Tompaper” and is the artistic director of his own trendy brand Studio Concrete. A digital T-shirt under the brand uses 1 to 10 to represent different moods, for example, if you don’t want to go to work, wear No. 4, and if you have a heart attack, wear No. 9.

In the words of his design philosophy, “My mood is no longer written on my face, but worn on my body”.

Ah-in Yoo, what a pity! The Fall of Korea's Top Actors! | FMV6

In addition, he had donated 100 million won to establish a foundation to help disadvantaged children.

He said, “After money can fill the desires, the rest of that money, I think, is going to help those in need.” At this point, the key word came up – filling desires.

Actor, designer, poet, and caterer ……Ah-in Yoo in multiple identities and multifaceted lives, all of which have gained satisfaction in various aspects of fame, profit, and love, the threshold of desire is bound to be raised. To satisfy and follow the desires, dabbling in drugs may become a desperate path.

As he played Jo Tae-oh in ‘Veteran’ (2015 Korean box office winner), after his desire is full, he goes to the freshness of desire from drug addiction and violence.

Miraculously, ‘Secret Love Affair’ and ‘Veteran’ were filmed at the same time, the poor piano boy and the violent rich boy, both equally the personification of desire.

Ah-in Yoo seems to be tailoring his life outside of the drama as he is quite comfortable in changing roles.

As a public figure, he should treasure his feathers, cherish his life and stay away from drugs. Ah-in Yoo is one of the most promising and talented actors in Korea, but while pursuing his desires, he is wrapped up in them and eventually takes a path of no return.

No matter what the reason, drug addiction will cast a shadow over his acting career. It’s a shame and a sorrow.

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