After 4 years of chasing, “Killing Eve” is about to end!

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In 2018, a “two heroine” drama “Killing Eve” was born. It’s thrilling, bloody, high-energy, and constantly reversing. It makes countless fans think day and night with anticipation: “So perverted, hurry up and release the next season.”

After four years, it is back – “Killing Eve Season 4”, imdb score: 7.7, suitable for: high-energy crime drama lovers.

As a crime drama with a female lead, “Killing Eve” has produced results that are beyond everyone’s expectations.

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

It has been nominated for the Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series in a row, and won the first place in “Time” magazine’s ten best drama series of 2018.

Most importantly, it made Sandra Oh the first Asian-American Golden Globes behind the scenes. 8.7 in the first quarter, 8.9 in the second quarter, and 8.4 in the third quarter.

Today’s fourth season is the final season of the series.

Season one asks, did Villanelle kill Eve today?

01 As usual, let’s take a look back at the plot first.

The story mainly revolves around the daily life of killer Villanelle and member of the spy agency Eve falling in love with each other.

Villanelle, born devil. She has a sociopathic personality and no empathy. Since she was a child, she was selected by the Twelve, a multinational organization, and trained to be a cold-blooded killer without blinking an eye.

One second, she was still a smiling blonde beauty, the next second, even the closest person can seal the throat with a sword.

Beautiful, dangerous, cunning, bloodthirsty, are the undertones of her character. But unfortunately, she met “another me in the world”…

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

Eve, Security Bureau Clerk. She looks like the most ordinary urban woman.

As a stable “civil servant”, she works diligently and diligently every day, and she spends a small life with her husband, a university professor, after get off work, and her life is not disturbed.

But the new female supervisor changed her life.

She found that Eve had organized bizarre cases into her own data over the years, and had a very keen sense of murder.

So Eve turned from a clerk to the leader of the investigation team. She was responsible for the assassination plot of the Twelve.

And Villanelle was ordered to kill Eve…

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

One is a rat who does everything he wants, and the other is a cat who looks a little “clumsy”. A fierce “cat and mouse game” began.

There are many classic passages in it, such as the postcard murder incident, the live teaching of the big axe attacking people, and so on.

But no one thought that during the chase, the two knew each other and appreciated each other. Gradually, the feelings between them also have subtle changes.

Eve lost friends, jobs, marriages, and even willingly worked for Villanelle…

At the end of the first season, Eve gave Villanelle a knife.

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

At the end of the second season, Villanelle gave Eve a shot.

In the third season, the two finally kissed! Although the next second they were beaten to death again.

This wave of progress has made fans of the show happy like a new year.

But as the plot progresses, it’s really hard to say how the two people’s love and murder will end in the end…

02 When it was announced that the fourth season was the final season of “Killing Eve”, countless fans of the show had only one sentence – “Writer, I advise you to write well.”

Just released two episodes, and people have a bad premonition.

The story of the fourth season began, and it did not connect with the London Bridge parting of the previous season, but directly came a 360-degree reversal.

A figure wearing a racing suit and riding a motorcycle came to the gate of the town government. This is Villanelle’s usual style and dress, and it is obvious that she has come to seek revenge for Konstantin.

The man broke in with a gun and lifted the mask – it turned out to be Eve!

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

She held the gun at the man, as if Villanelle was on her upper body, forcing the other party to reveal the information of the killer organization.

On the other hand, Villanelle wants to be reborn. She is a natural “actor” who has put away all her murderousness and is now working in a church.

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

In the eyes of colleagues, this girl is a devout believer, as tame as a cat. Her biggest wish is to let the priest arrange baptism for her as soon as possible and regain her new life…

Dude, swapped identities?


After the first three seasons, Eve’s darkening is normal, but Villanelle is too hard to be good. Not long after she was baptized, she pressed the person backhand into the sink in front of Jesus…

That’s right, she’s still her, that dangerous and charming villain.

After 4 years of chasing, "Killing Eve" is about to end!

Compared with the fast pace of the previous seasons, this season has a lot of foreshadowing, and it is visually estimated that there will be a lot of blood and rain in the later period.

The final outcome of these two “dangerous women” is left to us to chase together.

In general, the final season also continued the high quality of the previous work, and brought the aesthetics of violence to the extreme in terms of audio and visual.

She is a good drama that fans swear to chase, and new friends are completely worth watching from the beginning.

In four and four years, “Killing Eve” has successfully created two female images of both good and evil, proving the charm of dual heroine crime dramas.

In the end, I still hope that the screenwriter will be merciful. Bad or bad, give them a happy ending!

Even if we die together, it is a happy ending, what do you think?

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