About “Hawkeye”, here are 5 things you will want to know!

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“Hawkeye” is the fifth TV series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It is broadcast on Disney+ and has 6 episodes.it will air the finale on December 22, 2021.

“Hawkeye” achieved a high score of 8.2 on IMDb, and the series received 93% fresh reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

The plot will explain the story of “Hawkeye” Clint Barton and his successor “Hawkeye” Kate Bishop, and reveal the identity of Clint as Ronin, punishing evil and promoting good, and the subsequent grievances between him and his enemies.

Judging from the first two episodes broadcast, “Hawkeye” is not like a superhero with a mission to save the world.

It focuses on Clint’s family life back two years after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

On Christmas Eve, when Clint took his children to watch a Broadway musical and wanted to return home for the holidays, an episode happened.

The person who accidentally broke into his retirement life and embarked on this new journey is Kate Bishop.

Next, I will sort out the “Hawkeye” actor role, story highlights and easter egg highlights and other related content for you to read before and after watching the movie.

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1.The “Hawkeye” episode is the beginning of the “Avengers” opening the young Avengers?

Compared with previous Marvel series, “Hawkeye” is a lighter comedy style.

The main reason is that the low-key personality Clint Barton meets the young and lively Kate Bishop, the two have different personalities, and they collide with interesting conversations and interactions.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

“Hawkeye” Clint Barton is a good man who loves his family, and the new generation “Hawkeye” Kate Bishop lost his father in the New York battle.

Then Kate Bishop developed a lot of skills in order to train herself, and her mother was busy with her career, which made her emotionally alienated from home.

Clint Barton’s belief in “home” should complement the emotion that “Hawkeye” Kate Bishop lacks.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

From the role relationship in the play, Kate Bishop will take over the position of “Hawkeye”.

In addition, from the “Black Widow” ending egg, we know that “Second Generation Black Widow” Yelena (played by Florence Pugh) will also appear in “Hawkeye”.

Besides, “Echo” will also appear, they will all be members of “Young Avengers”?

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

In addition, Marvel will continue to develop “She-Hulk”, “Ms. Marvel”, and even the new Captain America, and Ant-Man’s daughter Cassie Lang, will also appear in the subsequent Marvel universe.

It seems that the Marvel Universe is about to form a new generation of Avengers.

2.Jeremy Renner played “Hawkeye” for 10 years, and finally has an independent work as the protagonist in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”!

“Hawkeye” played by Jeremy Renner made a cameo appearance in Thor (2011). He is a member of “The First Avengers”, but he is also the least eye-catching character among the members.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

Like Kate Bishop mocking him, Clint Barton doesn’t know how to make image packaging.

The role of “Hawkeye” is very ordinary, he is the closest to the normal setting among the superheroes of “Avengers”.

Clint Barton Gu’s personality is very prominent, as early as “Avengers 2: Age of Ultron” (2015), he started to retire and wanted to return to his family.

He has a deep friendship with the Black Widow, and Natasha’s death is his pain.

So when he performed in the first episode of “Hawkeye”, the Broadway musical “Rogers: The Musical”, he couldn’t bear such a happy mood.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

“Hawkeye” will have a lot of Clint Barton’s life mood after the final battle, including his physical changes. After many battles, his eardrums were damaged.

In the past, Jeremy Renner spoke to Marvel executives for this role from time to time, hoping to increase the drama.

But 10 years later, Jeremy Renner also has some changes.

He no longer insists on too much, and prefers the low-key role of “Hawkeye”, everything is arranged by Marvel.

When he was promoting “Hawkeye”, the media asked him, “If given the opportunity, are there any intentions to re-enact the classic chapter of Marvel Comics “Old Hawkeye”?

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

He answered “yes” quite excitedly, maybe there is a real chance.

3.Hailee Steinfeld plays “Hawkeye” Kate Bishop, who will subvert the character image of “Hawkeye” in the future

Hailee Steinfeld is the heroine of the “Hawkeye” series. Her Kate Bishop will become more and more important in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” in the future.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

Even with the character of this character, witty and charming, she is likely to become the leader of a new generation of Avengers in the future.

The stray dog ​​adopted by Kate Bishop is equally famous. It is called Lucky the Pizza Dog in Marvel comics.

At the age of 14, Kate Bishop was nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress with “True Grit” (2010). She also played the leading role in “Bumblebee” (2018).

This time in “Hawkeye”, her performance was naturally and eye-catching.

Marvel President Kevin Feige described Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in comics, with infinite energy.

4.”Swordsman” Jack Duquesne has a different setting from the comics in the “Hawkeye” episode

“Swordsman” Jack Duquesne is one of the villains in “Hawkeye”, played by Tony Dalton.

In the comics Swordsman was once a mentor of “Hawkeye” and a member of the Avengers, but he worked for The Mandarin privately.

In “Hawkeye”, he is Kate Bishop’s prospective stepfather.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

In the “Hawkeye” episode, Vera Farmiga plays Kate’s mother Eleanor Bishop. And could her role be reversed?

These are the points that you can pay attention to when you watch the development of the “Hawkeye” plot.

5.”Echo” Maya Lopez debut

“Echo” Maya Lopez is played by Alaqua Cox. This role appears like a stinger at the end of the second episode of “Hawkeye”.

“Echo” is a Marvel superhero with Native American characteristics, and because of her hearing impairment, she has a strong ability to imitate and can quickly copy the actions of others.

About "Hawkeye", here are 5 things you will want to know!

The third episode of “Hawkeye” officially debuted for the character.

Because “Echo” is related to the most powerful underworld boss “Kingpin” in Marvel comics, “Kingpin” may also appear.

After that, the corner of “Echo” will also be derived from “Hawkeye” an independent series.

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