2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son “Thirty-Nine” rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on “Kill Heel”

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The styles of Korean dramas are becoming more and more diverse. Recently, female group portrait dramas have become a trend. In 2022 Korean drama alone, there will be many works focusing on women.

The first to debut is “Thirty-Nine” starring Mi-do Jeon and Ji-hyun Kim led by Hallyu goddess Ye-jin Son. Later, Kim Ha Neul, Jung-ah Yum, Go-eun Kim and others will also be revealed. In the new work, “three women in one play” has been brought to the extreme.


Main Actors / Ye-jin Son, Mi-do Jeon, Ji-hyun Kim

Type/Friendship, Romance

A few days ago, Ye-jin Son, who announced the wedding news with Hyun Bin next month, is currently busy filming the new drama “Thirty-Nine”.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

She plays the role of Cha Mi-jo, the director of Gangnam Dermatology Department with a wealthy family and a successful career.

She lives a carefree life and faces various life choices when she meets two sisters who have known each other since high school. The whole play depicts the love and friendship of mature women in a lighthearted and witty way.

Due to the recent slump in drama ratings on JTBC TV, “Thirty-Nine”, which will premiere in Korea on the 16th, is also regarded as the key work of the year to rescue the ratings.

Mi-do Jeon, who has gained momentum because of his performance in the “Wise Doctor Life” series, took off his signature glasses this time and turned into a poisonous acting instructor Jeong Chan-young.

Not only did she get rid of her boyfriend domineeringly, but she couldn’t help but swear, subverting the previous image of a gentle female doctor.

And Ji-hyun Kim, who is relatively unfamiliar to Korean drama audiences, has been active in the theater for many years, and she is also Mi-do Jeon’s best friend in real life.

Mi-do Jeon laughed and said that because they wanted to act together too much, they would recommend each other to the crew every time they received an invitation for a work, and this time they finally got their wish on the same stage in “Thirty-Nine”.

“Kill Heel”

Main Actors / Kim Ha Neul, Hye-young Lee, Sung-ryeong Kim

Type/Workplace Fight

Actress Kim Ha Neul, who hasn’t acted for two years, returns to TV with her new drama “Kill Heel”.

The whole play is based on the TV shopping market, describing how the three women survive in the fierce competition, and the human desire and greed hidden in them will be revealed one by one.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

Kim Ha Neul plays Woo Hyun, an aspiring infomercial fashion show host who becomes impetuous due to flat sales and is gradually drawn into a lust for power.

She revealed that after reading the script, she felt that the character was full of charm and that she could challenge a different way of acting to bring freshness to the audience. This was also the first time she took part in a tvN TV work.

Individual actresses Hye-young Lee and Sung-ryeong Kim will play the roles of the vice president of “UNI Home Shopping” and the host of the shopping platform respectively. The spark between the three is highly anticipated.

“Work Later, Drink Now Season 2”

Main Actors / Sun-bin Lee, Han Sun-Hwa, Eun-ji Jung

Type/Friendship, Romance

The humorous “Work Later, Drink Now” was the most successful female group drama last year.

The plot describes three 30-year-old women who became friends because of their love of drinking. They always meet at the wine table to spit bitterness and support each other, and overcome life’s problems.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

After the series was launched on the Korean audio-visual platform Tving, the number of new members of the platform increased by 4 times, and the response was enthusiastic.

Not only did the crew immediately announce the start of the second season, but the three heroines Sun-bin Lee, Han Sun-Hwa, and Eun-ji Jung also filmed the reality variety show “산꾼도시여자들” together, instead of drinking and climbing mountains for fitness.

Sun-bin Lee, who has debuted for 11 years, is always called “Kwang-soo Lee’s girlfriend” and lacks a drama masterpiece.

In “Work Later, Drink Now”, she played An So-Hee, a straightforward variety show planner. Facing the arrogant and sexually harassing business owner, she resorted to a series of swear words RAP greetings, which made the audience watch it. Shout out.

Her popularity has soared, breaking the dilemma of zero masterpieces.

“Cleaning Up”

Main Actors / Jung-ah Yum, Jeon So Min

Type/Humanity, Crime

Jung-ah Yum, who won the “Baeksang Arts Awards” as the distorted ambitious mother in “Castle in the Sky”, finally took over the new drama “Cleaning Up” after nearly 4 years.

The work is adapted from the British drama of the same name, in which she plays a clerk in the cleaning department of a securities company.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

One day, after hearing rumors of insider trading, in order to get rid of the fate of living at the bottom of society, she decided to take a risk and join the stock market.

And Jeon So Min plays Jung-ah Yum’s colleague in “Cleaning Up”.

She recently challenged to play the villain’s mistress in “Show Window: The Queen’s House”, her acting skills began to gain attention, and her drama appointments came one after another.

It is even rumored that she will withdraw from the hosting team of the variety show “Running Man” because of a recent leg injury.

The brokerage company and the production unit responded quickly, saying that everything was misinformation, and she would still take care of both variety show hosting and drama performances.

“Little Women”

Main Actors / Go-eun Kim, Ji-hyeon Nam, Ji-Hoo Park

Type/Family, Love

After finishing the fantasy romantic comedy “Yumi’s Cells”, Go-eun Kim has been working non-stop for the new work.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

She plays the eldest sister of three sisters in the new drama “Little Women”, because growing up in a poor family, she realizes that only money can protect herself and her family, and she is willing to fight against the Korean chaebol family.

Go-eun Kim’s sisters are performed by Ji-hyeon Nam and Ji-Hoo Park respectively, of which Ji-Hoo Park is Go-eun Kim’s classmate.

She has recently gained popularity for her filming of “All of Us Are Dead”, and Ha-Joon Wi, who plays a police officer in “Squid Game”, is opposite the three sisters.

And the behind-the-scenes team of this play is also eye-catching. The script was written by the famous director Park Chan-wook’s royal screenwriter Seo-Gyeong Jeong. Director Hae-won Kim’s last work “Vincenzo” was also a great success, and the topic continued.


Main Actors / Cheong-a Lee, Park Gyuyoung, Jun Hyo-Seong

Genre / Mystery, Thriller

“Celebrity” is based on the theme of Internet celebrities, describing a series of suspenseful thriller stories in an era when everyone can spy on other people’s lives through the Internet.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

The temperamental actress Cheong-a Lee plays a woman living in high society in the play. She exudes extravagance but is actually a very unreasonable girl.

Park Gyuyoung, who played YeaJi Seo’s rival in “It’s Okay to not be Okay”, was promoted from a supporting role to a drama heroine last year because of his outstanding performance.

This time, she played a beautiful and smart rich daughter in “Celerbrity”. No matter where she went, she attracted attention, but fell into the abyss because of a wrong choice.

“Green Mothers Club”

Main Actors / Yo-won Lee, Ja-Hyeon Chu

Type/Humanity, Friendship

The work “Green Mothers Club” describes the stories of five women who met because they were volunteer mothers at the same elementary school.

When seemingly ordinary mothers, their unknown secrets are revealed one by one, friendship will also face the test.

2022 Korean Drama: Newlywed Ye-jin Son "Thirty-Nine" rescues TV ratings, Kim Ha Neu climbs up on "Kill Heel"

Yo-won Lee plays “Eun Biao”, a highly educated mother with strong self-esteem in the play. Through her agency, she said that after reading the script, she was deeply attracted by the charm of the character and decided to act.

At the age of 48 this year, because of her early marriage, her eldest daughter is already a college student. Her appearance made netizens exclaim, saying that she is also a college student, and they all believed her.

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