20 years since ‘Spider-Man’ changed the fate of superheroes

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Sam Raimi’s version of “Spider-Man” was released in the United States today for its 20th anniversary. This film once changed the fate of American superheroes, saved superhero movies, and completely changed the trend and direction of Hollywood blockbusters.

He’s not as handsome as Superman, nor as powerful as Wolverine, nor as cool as Iron Man.

Sam Raimi’s version of “Spider-Man” is not an almighty superhero, but more of an ordinary person who fights bravely.

This version of Spider-Man is shy and shy by nature, and he has a crush on a girl and dare not confess. Like thousands of students, he has a lot of troubles.

He lost both his parents when he was a child, and he was full of joys, sorrows, and confusion. He was looking for a job.

But one day, this ordinary person was bitten by a spider, and everything was different, more like a beautiful dream.

The charm of Sam Raimi’s version of “Spider-Man” is that it reminds every ordinary audience not to forget their right to dream, what if one day we can spin silk and fly over walls like Spider-Man?

Today, let’s talk about Spider-Man and Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man Trilogy”, and also look forward to Sam Raimi’s latest superhero movie “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, which will be released in Northern America on May 6th. .

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

Spider-Man’s Super Popularity

Spider-Man was ranked third in IGN’s 2011 list of the 100 most popular comic book characters of all time, behind DC Comics’ Superman and Batman, leaving Wolverine behind.

Spider-Man first appeared in the 1962 manga “Amazing Fantasy”, breaking the norm of “orthodox origin”.

High school student Peter Parker became the protagonist Spider-Man, and his identity made young readers of “rebellious, green and lonely” very immersive, and Spider-Man was loved by American children.

Spider-Man’s growth history is actually more like a down-to-earth boy growing up.

Both Batman and Superman actively choose to eradicate evil. Superman’s superpower is innate, but Spider-Man is not.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

After being bitten by a spider, he was very troubled by his ability to spin silk, and in “Spider-Man” (2002), he was overwhelmed by watching his room become a “coiled silk hole”.

Peter initially just wanted to earn some money from his superpowers and go to boxing matches.

Until a thief passed by Pete as he was running away, he was indifferent to his nosy, but then his uncle Ben was shot and he found out that the murderer was the thief.

He realized that what Ben had always wanted to teach himself was that with great power comes great responsibility.

This phrase first appeared in the last frame of the first Spider-Man story.

The oath appears in “Spider-Man” (2002) when Peter turns away from Mary Jane Watson at the end credits.

He is not a natural messenger of justice, and it is the intimacy in real life that touches his growth.

He is the first time in the history of American comics that a superhero exposes the fragility of human nature.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

No matter how powerful you are to stay out of sin, you may not be able to protect your loved ones.

Why did Spider-Man, the top three in the hearts of the American public, be reduced to being a follower for Iron Man?

This may have something to do with where Marvel is going.

Between 1986 and 1996, most of Marvel’s superheroes were bought by various studios.

Sony bought the copyrights of “Spider-Man” and “Venom”, and Fox bought the copyrights of “X-Men”, “Fantastic Four” and “Deadpool”.

Sony handed Spider-Man to Sam Raimi to direct three films. Later, due to the rigid relationship between the director and the film company, the sequel failed directly. Later, two more “The Amazing Spider-Man” were released, and these two were given to Spider-Man. attracted a lot of scolding.

On the Marvel side, the film “Iron Man” played by Robert Downey Jr. was launched in 2008, and the film was praised worldwide.

Among many young, just beginning Marvel fans, they realized that the concept of superhero movies started with the movie “Iron Man”.

And Robert Downey Jr.’s charisma coupled with Iron Man’s humor and personal heroism make Iron Man a high place in the hearts of moviegoers.

In 2009, Disney spent $4 billion to acquire Marvel. Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2‎” fell far short of box office expectations. Later, Disney continued to negotiate with Sony for the copyright of a Spider-Man, and finally reached an agreement. , Spider-Man, who has been “under the fence” for many years, finally returned to the arms of Marvel’s father, but his status has changed.

Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man Trilogy”

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

Spider-Man’s decades of cartoons, TV shows, and movies are dizzying.

“Spider-Man”, “The Amazing Spider-Man”, “Spider-Man Unlimited‎”, “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends”, “Ultimate Spider-Man”, etc., I can’t tell the title of the movie .

Maybe you can’t remember what each version was about, but you can always recognize it by the enigmatic chronological quality of the picture – oh! ! ! That’s the version I’ve seen!

Although everyone has always been interested in the story of Spider-Man, it can be said that it was not until the release of the film directed by Sam Raimi in 2002 that “Spider-Man” really set off a toxic “Spider-Man fever” in the world again. Re-engaged a new generation of audiences.

This year also happens to be the 40th anniversary of the Spider-Man image.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

Sam Raimi has been a die-hard Spider-Man fan since he was a child, and his parents gave him a Spider-Man portrait as a 12th birthday present.

Nearly 30 years later, Mi Lei approached Columbia Pictures, hoping to have the honor of directing the Spider-Man film.

He set Spider-Man from the perspective of an iron fan, “focusing on the real side of the characters, grasping the soul and essence of Spider-Man, and doing his best to create the best story”.

Played by Tobey Maguire, he does not look outstanding, but there is power in his silence.

How many people with a “preconceived” attitude still only recognize Toby’s short-legged Spider-Man version, and inside Peter and Mary Jane Watson
The “kiss hanging upside down in the rain” has been talked about by many people so far.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

2002’s “Spider-Man” can be said to be the foreshadowing of the two films in 2004 and 2007.

The film explains how he has superpowers and how to embark on the road of superheroes, while taking into account Peter’s real life.

Motivated by the loss of a close relative, the enemy is eliminated, Spider-Man becomes famous, and Peter and the girl’s relationship develops further.

In the second installment, people cheered for Spider-Man wearing a mask, while Peter under the mask was still living a humble and ordinary life.

In terms of love, the relationship between the girl he loves and his good friend makes him care, and he is constantly shaken, whether it is worth doing so many “anonymous” things.

Unlike Captain America, who was born for justice, Spider-Man is essentially just a little guy picked by God.

In the third installment, Sam asks Spider-Man to explore himself further.

Peter, who has been under the suit for a long time, has a conflict with Spider-Man, who is loved after wearing the suit.

In the conflict, Peter started to become conceited from an extremely unconfident person, and was extremely inflated to the brink of losing himself.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

It is further explained that heroes with superpowers actually have shortcomings, and there is a fine line between good and evil.

Audio-visually, we saw Spider-Man floating around in various buildings, and the cool close-up shots of individual fights enhanced the visual shock and rendered individual heroism.

Although the special effects are not comparable to today’s superhero blockbusters, and even a little bit of special effects, it is still quite shocking at least when the film is released.

Sam Raimi’s trilogy also has some shortcomings.

Sam, who pursues delicacy, shows too much of Pitt’s emotional drama, which makes some fans who like action fighting criticize. The protagonist is too indecisive, and the villain is too simple. Although superheroes will win in the end, there is no suspense if they can’t win!

Regarding the market performance of the trilogy, the first film grossed $822 million worldwide, followed by the second and third films, which grossed $891 million and $784 million, respectively.

It is reported that the trilogy has a total budget of $597 million, while the global box office gross is nearly $2.5 billion.

Behind the Scenes of “Spider-Man” 2002

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

The film was originally scheduled to be released in 2001, but was delayed until 2002 due to the events of 9/11, and the film was mainly filmed on New York and Sony studios.

Following the terrorist attacks, some footage from the film was reshot, and images of the World Trade Center Twin Towers were digitally removed from the film.

After 9/11, Sony recalled the teaser poster that was originally posted in movie theaters because it showed Spider-Man’s face close-up, with the New York skyline, including the World Trade Center Twin Towers, visible from the eye reflections.

“Spider-Man” may also have broken a small record in the use of extras.

The crew recruited as many as 12,000 extras to film the Times Square Market scene featured in the film!

Interestingly, there is also a special request: “Stall owners with exotic flavors” are preferred.

The costume designer who joined the film is James Acheson, who has won three Oscars. The Spider-Man costume design took half a year, and the crew produced a total of 22 sets.

20 years since 'Spider-Man' changed the fate of superheroes

The episode that happened in the middle of filming: Spider-Man’s costume was stolen, became a hot topic in American entertainment news in early 2001.

Although Columbia Pictures had plenty of spares, they offered a hefty $25,000 bounty to redeem the costume.

It is also worth mentioning that the green devil’s costume consists of 580 parts, and it takes half an hour to put on with the assistance of three staff members.

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