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This period may be the coolest moment for movie lovers in 2020.

Why? Nolan’s three films were released consecutively.

First is the re-screening of “Interstellar Crossing”, then the black hole theory, and the five-dimensional space. Although I’ve seen it a long time ago, it makes people wonder about it before falling asleep until midnight. Then came the re-screening of Inception, with various dream sets. As long as you close your eyes, that top spins in front of you.

Immediately after this week, Nolan’s blockbuster new film was immediately picked up. How can a word of hi-

“TENET” (2020)

How good is the movie to see? Audiences who watched the film ahead of time began to play cosplay in the movie after they left the theater. After watching the movie, many people become fascinated by typing and speaking. It’s all like this when you meet.

“dehctaw uoy t’nevah ?””tenet” hctaw ouy diD”

Because the content is too exciting, I used it twice before. Now that you have bought your tickets, you are ready to swipe three times!
After all, watching “Tenet” was cool for a while, but always cool. You may have to ask, is this movie really so hilarious? Well, that’s true.

First of all, the story is not that difficult to understand. The first time you need to understand it, there is absolutely no problem. The type of movie is the first spy movie Nolan tried. It’s like “Inception”, which is about a bunch of secret agents using special equipment. Infiltrate people’s dreams to obtain information and steal finances. Then “Creed” is a bunch of special agents, using special time weapons. Let people go back to the past from now. Thus, by changing the course of the original event, it affects the battle. Since it is an agent film, except for the time weapon above. There will also be fierce gun battles. Speed ​​airship. And essential, beauty.

But those who are familiar with Nolan know that the biggest black technology in Nolan’s movies is often his script. Tenet’s script can be said to be Nolan’s strongest script so far. The structure of the story is like the title of a movie. The five letters are: T-E-N-E-T. The head and tail are consistent, read along and backward, one meaning. The five major events of the whole movie are arranged in this way. Both the head and tail occurred 14 days ago. It just started at the Ukrainian Opera House. The end is in Vietnam and a secret base. The second and penultimate thing are two perspectives of the same thing. The story is about the protagonist and the protagonist in a warehouse in Oslo.

Sounds awkward? It’s okay, let’s talk about the time weapon in the film. It is like a safety door that rotates. There are two rooms connected, a red room and a blue room. From red to blue room, you can go back any time in the past. At the same time, it will enter reverse time and space. What is inverse time and space? Except for those who enter, everything else is reversed from the normal world. The boat sailed backwards. People walk backwards. In order to breathe normally, people who enter have to wear an oxygen mask, or they will be suffocated to death because they cannot breathe.

The most powerful attribute of Anti-Spacetime: Time goes backwards! Yes, you heard that right, here, people can go back to the past from the future. For example, if we use Facebook and Twitter, we will do it from now on. This is also the main reason why the result can be known in advance and then affect the process. Because those who know the result can use time weapons to go back to the past in reverse time and space, and they can also influence the process along the way. What if you switch from blue to red room? The traversal effect no longer exists, but time and space can be reversed. Similar to negative, negative becomes positive, inverse space-time will become normal space-time. Because reverse time and space overlap with normal time and space, people in both worlds can see each other. It’s just that, in each other’s world, they all seem to be rewinding. Therefore, the second and penultimate events are equivalent to two experiences of the same wave of people from the perspective of the normal world and the reverse dimension. It’s just that the timing of the two events is sequential. Well, the only spoiler is here, and the next information is up to you to scan.

The third thing in between happened in Tallinn. Because of this incident, the experience of positive time and space and reverse time and space happened continuously, so they were linked together. So overall, the story is like a mirror. The second half of the plot is equivalent to the reflection of the first half of the plot in another time and space. And at the end of the climax scene, even staged a scene of confrontation between time and space. As soon as a building was blown up in reverse time and space, it was blown up in the normal world.

To say that the film is cool, it is cool in these details. After all, it’s a group of agents who play time-space puzzles. It’s difficult to travel back and forth, right?

As usual, give a three-brush tip-

The first time, understand the story frame and the relationship between the characters clearly;
For the second time, pay attention to the principles of time weapons and the details of space-time contests;
The third time, check for missing holes and find hidden stinger.

Speaking of stinger, there are a lot of spoilers involved. One is quite interesting, so I should mention it. It is Nolan movies, always like to quote some famous quotes. This time, he quoted Whitman’s poem, in which the CIA agent’s joint code was a poem from his old man. “We live in a twilight world.” The word “twilight” has the meaning of interlacing time and space as well as twilight. And Robert Pattinson, the second male in the film, is the most famous film series, “Twilight.” It’s just that this time his acting skills are not the stunned kid who played cool and handsome commanders back then. It can be said that he inside is completely reborn, holding a sense of justice and mystery very well.

The biggest behind-the-scenes egg in Nolan’s movie must be-play it! Yes, Nolan is a film fundamentalist. Always use IMAX film to make movies. Never engage in CG, and be able to shoot real shots. In the movie, there is a scene in which a passenger plane hits a warehouse. Such a big plane costs hundreds of millions of dollars to hit the warehouse. How dangerous is it if it costs money? ! Sorry, Nolan took a real plane and crashed into it. Overturned, it was a real turn. Exploding the building, that is also really fried.

Someone must say, what about the action scenes in the film that look like rewinding? This kind of must use CG, right? Sorry, this is not CG either. It is the Motion Control motion control system mentioned in the previous article. With this technique, you can first take pictures of the rewinding action part, such as a car overturning. Then replay this part of the image backwards. Then, input each time point in the rewinding process into this control system. In this way, when shooting an action scene in a normal space, the camera will shoot according to the previously imported time code of the rewind part. After the shooting is finished, the time codes of the two parts are matched one by one, then the captured pictures can also be matched one by one. The effect we see on the screen, that is, the normal motion and the rewind motion, is a combined picture.

Although the epidemic has kept cinemas all over the world closed for more than half a year, it is precisely because of the real filmmakers like Nolan. Only by conscientiously polishing ingeniously conceived stories and conscientiously shooting amazing spectacles can we have full confidence in movies. Then after watching “TENET”, you can definitely feel the most cutting-edge industrialization achievements in the world today.

That is, three persistence.

Insist on using the best film camera, adhere to the use of real physical effects, adhere to the use of precise motion control system.

Then, under the escort of a strong and professional behind-the-scenes team, “TENET”, an unimaginable text script that has never been seen before, is presented with real and shocking images.

Seeing the impossible is the significance of “TENET” as a benchmark work in the international film industry.

Not much nonsense, on September 3th, this Thursday, “TENET” will be released.

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