“Dune”: A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

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“Dune” is a science fiction epic movie released in 2021.

The film is directed by Denis Villeneuve and the actors are Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Dave Bautista, Zendaya, Jason Momoa.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

“Dune” is adapted from a novel written by Frank Herbert.

The film tells that in the distant future, a smart and talented young man, Paul, followed his family and migrated to Arrakis, the most dangerous desert planet in the universe.

However, the precious resource called spice is produced here, which makes all forces fight for the fight.

Facing the desperate situation of being attacked by the enemy, can Paul shoulder the mission of extending the future of the family?

Classic science fiction across the age

Denis Villeneuve, who was born in Canada, can be said to be one of my favorite directors in the world today.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

From “Sicario” and “Arrival” to “Blade Runner 2049” in recent years.

His films always have both commercial and plot aspects, and they have a unique charm that makes people unconsciously immersed in them and deeply moved.

And this time “Dune” is no exception.

The original story itself is very connotative. With the director’s talent, high-standard production and luxurious cast, “Dune” said that it is a collection of all the works of his career.

“Dune”‘s background world view

Undoubtedly, to understand the great and fascinating aspects of the “Dune” series, one must first have a basic understanding of the background of the story, the characters and the relationship between them.

Therefore, “Dune” is the first episode of the entire series, and the director Denis Villeneuve is under the complicated world view of the original Hongdae.

The film also describes the state of each character in the film and the evolution of the overall situation, allowing the audience to go deep into it without any pressure, open their hearts to appreciate and feel the shock and moving that the film brings to people.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

The background of “Dune” is set in the distant future, and mankind has developed towards various galaxies in the universe.

The entire galaxy formed a feudal empire’s management system, with the emperor holding real power and assigning planets to the rule of nobles loyal to the royal family.

The protagonist Paul is the heir of the “Atreides family” and lives on the ocean planet Caledan.

But one day, Duke Leto, his father, received an order from the emperor to transfer the desert planet “Arrakis”, which has been ruled by the “Harkonnen family” for decades, to Atreides.

And as this hidden conspiracy gradually revealed, the “Dune” story unfolded like this.

Is the “Dune” review good?

“Dune” can be said to be a collection of both “The Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones”.

The film has a profound conceptual appearance like the Middle-earth world described by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

Under this fascinating setting, the conflicts between various forces caused by human greed and complicated interest entanglements also endow the entire work of “Dune” with a strong color of suspense and political thrill.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

Although there was “Dune” directed by David Lynch as early as 1984.

But this time “Dune” is not only upgraded with scenes and visual effects that are more advanced with the rapid changes in technology.

Director Denis Villeneuve chose to start from the role of the Atreides family and extend to the mysterious sisterhood in this worldview, the aboriginal “Fremen” of Arrakis.

The most important “spice” and the mortal enemy “Harkonnen family” have established a complete structure of the “Dune” epic story in the limited length of the movie.

The importance of the role of “Dune”

Therefore, even though the director spent most of the whole movie on the plot, “Dune” is not boring at all.

The subject matter of the film itself is rich and interesting.

In the film, the Atreides family came from the green Caledan to the “Arrakis” because of the emperor’s order, the seemingly quiet and desolate, but in fact it occupies an important position and undercurrents in the desert planet.

“Dune” has always caused the audience’s curiosity and interest in the follow-up story with the anxiety that the conflict is gradually brewing.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

I like that “Dune” surrounds the young heir, Paul, through what he sees and hears in the film, to bring out the narrative style of these flesh and blood characters around him.

From father Duke Leto Atreides, mother Lady Jessica, Dr. Yueh, to master swordsman Gurney and Duncan.

These important figures who have brought indelible influence on Paul’s growth path have added more thrilling and touching moments to the audience’s heart on their journey to reach the “Arrakis” with many hidden crises.

The theme of the plot of “Dune”

As the opening of “Dune” said: “Dream is information from the deep.”

Under the film’s multiple references to the protagonist Paul’s mysterious background and the imagery in the dream, the audience watched the Atreides family, who was assaulted because of the emperor and the hostile “Harkonnen family” and then went to extinction overnight.

“Dune” is actually a story of a pampered child who suddenly lost everything and was forced to take on huge responsibilities.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

In the previous paragraph, the protagonist Paul’s self-doubt as the family heir and the prophesied savior, as well as the pain and entanglement he faced after following his mother to escape the massacre, are all exemplified by actor Timothée Chalamet’s appearance and precise role interpretation, making “Dune” “Paul, the protagonist’s mood has a more profound level of change.

Can he learn and grow in the process of accepting his own mission, find his own future path, and gain self-identification and awakening?

I think it is also the focus of the “Dune” sequel.

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The meaning of the ending of “Dune”

“Dune” can’t help but remind me of another Japanese anime that sparked heated discussions a while ago.

There is also a protagonist who can foresee the future, but after knowing all the possibilities, he will sacrifice everything to lead the future in that direction.

On the other side, Paul of “Dune”, after seeing his own destiny, is in an anxious and perplexed heart to dialectical dreams and reality, bringing more uncertain variables.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

Although his father Duke Leto Atreides said: “Great men never ask for a position, but listen to the call.”

This can be said to be the core theme of the entire film “Dune”.

But just like the mystery of life is that there is no absolute answer. When faced with dreamlike images constantly appearing in our minds, should we unconditionally obey?

The ending of “Dune” tells the characters and the audience through a duel that as long as the fear is overcome, even with clear signs, the future can actually be changed and determined by itself.

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The development of the sequel to “Dune”

Although “Dune” is mainly about managing the world view and laying out the follow-up story, the whole film still brought me quite a shock.

Among them, not only the image style of the director Denis Villeneuve is fascinating, it also combined with Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack, allowing the audience to experience an immersive feast of the senses.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

In the 155-minute length of the movie, the audience loses the ability to perceive time.

According to the news released so far, the first two movies will mainly focus on the content of the first novel “Dune”.

The third movie will enter the second novel “Dune Messiah”.

If Denis Villeneuve has the opportunity to condense and refine the “Dune” with six books, the “Prince’s Revenge”, which starts from power and desire and contains various elements such as politics, history, religion, ecology, and philosophy, will be fully imaged. , What a great epic masterpiece that would make.

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“Dune” film review conclusion

Overall, after 20 years, I am very happy to see “Dune” in this era that can rival “The Lord of the Rings”.

When many directors failed to give up in the past, it is hard for me to describe in simple words the touch of being able to witness the birth of this film on the big screen.

Among them, it is not only that the director Denis Villeneuve retains the distinctive style of his past works that are both visual and connotative, but also has a fascinating and in-depth worldview.

"Dune": A classic science fiction that spans the ages, an epic masterpiece destined to stay in history

Although the story has not yet entered the topic.

However, the constantly appearing prophetic images and the tragic result of the final destruction of the protagonist’s family have also triggered the audience’s expectation for the follow-up development of “Dune”.

Just like science fiction movies talk about human nature after all.

Behind the dazzling scenes of “Dune”, the young aristocratic son Paul is the protagonist.

This not only allows the story to revolve around the primitive nature of mankind, but also leads the audience to follow in the footsteps of the prophesied savior on the path of finding a place for the future and themselves.

With the unique charm of Timothée Chalamet and the perfect performance of all suitable actors, “Dune” also kicked off the epic masterpiece destined to be famous in the next 10 years with impeccable production results.

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