“Busan Tour 2”-Rotten out of the sky, even ten Gong Yoo can’t save

Movie Review

On July 15, “Tour Busan 2: Peninsula” was released in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It won all the box office champions in the theaters. The box office of the first week was 20 million US dollars. It is logical that it will be the end of 2020. The highest grossing movie in South Korea. But the popularity is not good, the domestic Douban currently only has 5.2 points, compared with the first 8.5 points, this is simply scum.

In 2016, “Travel to Busan” turned out to be the first day of its release, breaking the record for the highest number of viewers on the premiere day of Korean film history with 872,349 on its first day, and became the annual box office champion in South Korea. At the same time, he won many film festival awards such as the Canadian Fantasy Festival, the Sitges Fantasy Festival in Spain, and the Asian Film Awards. Douban scored 8.5 points, ranking 145th in the TOP250, popular in Asia and becoming a new zombie film in East Asia Benchmarking. It is no exaggeration to say that the film can become a top-tier film even in the European and American genre.

Because of the great success and commercial value of the first part, the sequel was naturally put on the agenda, and the budget was directly doubled, to 116 million yuan.

Probably because the director suddenly got so much money and didn’t know how to spend it, so he spent all of it on special effects and made a “Fast and Furious” + “Crazy Max” version of “Travel in Busan 2”, so the whole film except Apart from the relatively eye-catching special effects, other things can’t even be counted as “lack of good news”, but they should be counted as “full-line collapse”.

First, the plot is superficial and simple, with insufficient motivation.

The story of the sequel begins four years after “Travel to Busan”. The entire peninsula has been occupied by zombies. Other countries in the world have also abandoned the Korean peninsula. Even the American father does not want the son of South Korea.

The young officer played by Kang Dong Won took his sister, nephew and brother-in-law and fled South Korea, but on the way to escape, they got into zombies. In the end, his sister and nephew died tragically. He and brother-in-law went to Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, they are discriminated against (just like you discriminate against North Korea). The gang finds them and asks them to go back to South Korea and steal 20 million U.S. dollars from a car. At that time, each person can share 2.5 million U.S. dollars. For dignity, he and his brother-in-law led the team back to South Korea.

There are 4 people in this small team. In order to pave the way for the story, the other two died shortly after entering Korea. Kang Dong Won was rescued by two children and brought back to their home to form a line. Brother-in-law was taken by the army. Take away and open up another line. This is reasonable, but the story line of the two lines is really as simple as a sand sculpture.

Kang Dong Won’s line is a single mother with two children and an old man (forgetting whether it is a grandfather or grandfather, it doesn’t matter anyway), they are waiting for the rescue of the US military, and they keep sending out signals. As for the two children, they are like the children’s version of “Fast and Furious”. They drove the car so fast and went out to play with the zombies. They all came back unscathed. Don’t you say that this is a zombie movie, I thought you were shooting a variety show, so that those zombies were raised by your family, so where do you mean?

Looking at the effects of their costumes, the grandpa’s acting skills are more unnatural. Of course, it’s not that the acting is bad, but you can clearly feel that this is not where the zombies occur, but is making a movie. The zombies are coming. It doesn’t matter if they don’t come, they can run away in a sports car anyway, it’s nothing more than a question of when to wait for the US military to come.

The seemingly apocalyptic makeup effect is actually just a few pieces of cloth cut and put together into a new fashion film. After all, Koreans are very confident about fashion. No matter what the film is, it can be made into a fashion film. The difference is It’s just how much the plot element accounts for.

This problem also appeared in the brother-in-law’s line. The life of the troops is more chic, catching a bunch of zombies, putting the living people in to play as monkeys, making it like the ancient Roman Colosseum, completely inconsistent with Asian entertainment, South Korea’s nature of kneeling and licking Europe and the United States is fully exposed. I don’t know what they are doing.

Take a look at “Travel to Busan 1.” When Gong Yoo, Ma Dongxi, and the baseball brother passed the car in a team, the first car hits hard, the second car uses the sound, and the third car climbs onto the luggage rack. Each has a clear division of labor. , Collaborate with each other. Their purpose is to fight for the one they love. In this kind of mainstream commercial popcorn movie, the plot can also add thinking about human nature, criticizing the causal cycle that selfish people are bound to suffer retribution, and is closely tied to the Asian philosophy of survival.

Look at others, look at you again, especially shoes are not qualified.

Second, there is almost no arc of characters, extremely mediocre.

Whenever a movie is remembered, either because the characters are well portrayed, or because the plot is invincible. But “Travel to Busan 2” is worse than the average bad movie: neither of these two achieved the passing line, yes, not even the passing line.

Although “Yaobai” has a crooked butt, it is good-looking enough and the characters have a strong sense of substitution. As for this movie, I didn’t leave any impression of any character after watching it. More precisely, the character and the movie are separated.

Although Kang Dong Won is very handsome and has good acting skills, his mood has not fluctuated greatly, and the character has not grown at all. When he was in Hong Kong, he ran back to South Korea because of his dignity and was rescued by a family of young and old. The family who saved them was the people who were abandoned by them before, so the main line here is actually redemption.

But at the end, his role in saving the little sister didn’t have much redemption, but seemed reckless. I thought that after he rushed over, he would use his life to return to the young lady, and that was an explanation of his previous malice, but I did not expect that both of them ran back intact. What’s even more awesome is that Miss Sister has a gun, and she can still get out of the zombies alive after spending a leg. I am special, it’s okay for you to be zombies as sand sculptures, but it’s illogical to open it, okay? Look at the first few big men to be careful to pass where the zombies are concentrated, you can go to the sky with a gun Up?

Look at brother-in-law again. After the death of his wife, the blame was on the brother-in-law. I have tolerated this kind of stupid behavior, but it is still an old problem. Looking at the whole process, my brother-in-law’s sense of existence is abnormally low. If it hadn’t died in the Colosseum, I would have thought it was a guest actor. Such a character has always had hatred for the younger brother-in-law, and then hangs up inexplicably. It has no effect at all. It has almost no effect on the overall plot and the line of the younger brother. I am also drunk with such a fragmented plot setting.

I will still watch the first part. Fund manager Gong Yoo is selfish, telling children to consider for themselves at special moments, seeing Ma Dongxi sacrifice for them and start awakening, and finally to save their lives and get righteous. The role has shortcomings and growth, so that the audience can enter well. The inner world of the character.

There is also the little baseball brother and his little girlfriend who become zombies together, and the sister and sister become zombies together. The relationship between Ma Dongxi and his wife, and even the routine black belly, everyone has flesh and blood. Although there are many clues to the characters, they are methodical. Advance and influence each other, and jointly promoted the first big explosion.

Good commercial popcorn movies don’t need much deep thinking, and they don’t need the blessing of deep philosophy and humanity. They only need to be smooth and good-looking. It is possible to do very little.

Four years ago, the first film turned out. The audience gave the director four years to polish the new script. It turned out that the difference in the level of the same director can be so big.

It’s said on the Internet that if Gong Yoo comes to play, it will help the box office even more. For me, at this level of quality, fortunately, Gong Yoo has not come, otherwise it will be a stain on his career.

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