“Hustle” exposes the new Official Trailer, produced by LeBron James and joined by NBA stars!

Upcoming Movie

Recently, a trailer for the basketball-themed movie “Hustle” starring Adam Sandler was released, which made basketball fans look forward to it.

“Hustle” focuses on the perspective of an NBA scout, and tells the story of an unlucky scout who unearths a basketball genius with a bumpy career but a rare chance in the United States. He decided to cut the ball first and then bring the player to the United States without the knowledge of the team.

They have to defy all odds, take one last chance, and prove they deserve a place in the NBA.

The basketball wizard is starred by real-life NBA Utah Jazz forward Juan Hernangomez. In addition, LeBron James also joined the film and participated in the production.

“Hustle,” directed by Jeremiah Zagar (“We the Animals”), will stream on Netflix on June 10.

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