“Mare of Easttown”: Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

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Not much to say, “Mare of Easttown” is the most obsessed drama this year.

With the update, the score of “Mare of Easttown” is getting better and better. The freshness of rotten tomatoes is 92%, and the IMDb score is 8.6.

The most brilliant fifth episode of “Mare of Easttown”, the single episode score directly soared to a terrible 9.5.

After watching the finale of this drama, the quality is very stable, there is no unfinished end, and it is not too late for Amway now.

No matter how you describe it, no matter how fancy words are, it may be an underestimation.

“Mare of Easttown” hasn’t been launched yet, and the audience has been eagerly looking forward to it. The filming of HBO, which is almost unmissable, will be produced by Oscar actress Kate Winslet.

How do you describe the look and feel of this show?

There is a faint look of “Fargo” + “Manchester by the Sea”.

The former refers to harsh atmosphere and hard characters.

The latter refers to the themes of depression and disillusionment.

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1.The Truth

The first episode of “Mare of Easttown” started a tragedy. A girl was brutally murdered and the body was lying on the edge of the stream.

Before the tragedy, it was all daily foreshadowing.

"Mare of Easttown": Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

The dead girl was named Irene, a 17-year-old single mother. She faced a very real and difficult problem. Her son’s ear was infected and he was about to lose his hearing.

But the two most important men in her life have shaken the pot—

Ex-husband Dylan found a new girlfriend and had a new life.

My own father is not willing to give up energy and financial resources for this.

In desperation, Irene thought of using sex transactions to raise surgery fees for her son.

As a result, the recipients of aided dating are not only filling the financial gap, but also emotional.

However, all this is a scam. The netizen “Brandon” is an ideal boyfriend made up by her ex-husband’s current girlfriend Brianna. She deliberately wants Irene to make a fool of herself.

And when Brianna fisted at her, Dylan stood by and watched the play.

Irene, after a psychological breakdown, was wiped out immediately afterwards.

"Mare of Easttown": Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

So, who is the murderer?

Detective Mare (Kate Winslet) follows the vine and finds that the water in this town is unfathomable.

Suspect A: Brianna, her motive was to disconnect Irene from her boyfriend.

Suspect B: Ex-husband Dylan, he doesn’t want to take the responsibility of his father anymore and kill someone with the knife.

From the second episode, Irene’s interpersonal relationship has been revealed more, and the truth has become more confusing.

Suspect C: Frank, Mare’s ex-husband.

It turned out that Irene’s child was not born to her and Dylan, and the most likely father was Frank.

Before Irene was alive, Frank sent her home many times and took good care of her.

Suspect D: Father, before Irene was killed, the last call was made to him.

According to the priest, he was only in charge of the shuttle, but the strange thing was that he threw the bike Irene was riding that night into the river.

Moreover, Irene’s death was not a simple murder.

Earlier, the girl Katie had disappeared and there was no news for a year. Her mother had to question the police in front of the media.

The victim also had another girl, including Irene. The three deceased had the same characteristics: they were all related to assisted dating and drugs.

"Mare of Easttown": Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

Suspense grows, but they are rooted in daily life.

Mr. Shiguang believes that this is a good suspense.

And “Mare of Easttown” is higher than the ordinary detective drama in that it needs to dig deeper, not only the truth buried by the crime, but also the group image behind the case.

2. Group Portrait

The truth is too late to be revealed, is it because the detectives are not capable enough? Not really.

Mare is very capable and regarded as a hero by the town residents.

She does things simply and neatly, understands how the units work in the system, asks for information, and can always cut the mess quickly.

She has a keen sense of observation. In the investigation scene, no detail was missed, even the flying traces of the ricochet.

During the interrogation, his eyes were firm and gentle. She is able to put pressure on people, but she does not lose her sense of measure and keeps the other party silent.

Watching “Mare of Easttown” is very reminiscent of “Fargo”, which is also a female detective walking through the land of sin.

However, unlike the pregnant sheriff played by Coen’s wife, Mare is optimistic.

In the play, she has a fresh meat partner Colin (played by Evan Peters), and a greeting expresses her life background.

"Mare of Easttown": Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

night, Mare.


Mare’s life is actually far worse than that of the deceased Irene.

She could not get out of the shadow of her son’s suicide. Later, she divorced her husband, and her grandson inherited his son’s diseased gene, so she didn’t get better no matter how she used the medicine.

At this time, the daughter-in-law who was once addicted to drugs came to grab the custody of her grandson again.

Mare’s life is on the verge of fragmentation, she can only rely on solving the case to make herself feel alive.

Once you relax, you will either have empty eyes or nightmares.

In fact, almost everyone in “Mare of Easttown” lives in a nightmare.

Mare’s neighbor Beth, her brother Freddy can’t get rid of the drug addiction, can’t stop stealing and kidnapping.

Katie’s mother devoted all her energy to finding her daughter. Ironically, the only joy that life can give her is to ask for a reward.

Only this kind of squeeze can convince her that her daughter is still alive, but the irony is that the person who sent the text message was actually neighbor Freddy.

Mare’s mother, Helen, had an even more absurd experience. The old bastard who had had an affair with her publicly confessed that he cheated at his wife’s funeral.

“Mare of Easttown” is a rebellion against the mainstream American story.

The United States advocates the theme of “family”, and in the play, all families are broken.

Many American stories use “father-killing” to describe the growth of people. This drama focuses on “searching for the father”, and its creative method is also lopsided.

For example, in “Mare of Easttown”, men no longer assume heroic narratives.

"Mare of Easttown": Best American Drama in the First Half of the Year

Instead, they are incompetent, cowardly, crazy, hysterical, and even absent in the family…

The most typical example is the popular character Colin. In the eyes of outsiders, he is an elite of police detectives, but his abilities are far from enough.

In the biggest case he cracked, the key clue turned out to be sent to the door by someone else.

And he is really willing to grow and is determined to accomplish a great thing because he met Mare, the “spiritual father”.

Therefore, in the eyes of Mr. Shi, Colin’s feelings for Mare are quite complicated, including the love of men and women, as well as the feeling of worship.

In the fifth episode, “Mare of Easttown” is extremely rare to give the audience candy.

Colin and Mare complained to each other, and Mare finally accepted Colin’s kiss.

But just after the only sugar, the screenwriter began to stab the audience.

It is no exaggeration to say that the last ten minutes of the fifth episode is a nightmare.

3.Badlands and Nightmare

On the night Irene was killed, there were seven vehicles on the scene. Follow-up investigations one by one might find the murderer.

Mare and Colin found a house, and the owner Potts looked fierce.

The furnishings in the room are chaotic, and the brand of cigarettes is unexpectedly consistent with the findings of the on-site investigation.

For this reason, Colin’s nerves were obviously tense.

Mare is calm and calm, but now she has been dismissed without a weapon.

Potts took a gun as he walked away, and in the basement, the girl Katie, who heard someone coming, began to shake the heating pipe desperately.

At this time, the police wanted to leave, and the gangsters didn’t want to be troublesome. However, the “bomb under the table”, the fuse has been ignited.

For the first time, Potts used the heating pipe failure as an excuse to contain the storm.

However, Katie was eager to survive and continued to ring the pipe.

Mare couldn’t help but shudder as he asked. The voice is getting louder and louder, and the fierce battle is on the verge.

Colin drew his gun and shot, but it was a little late and died instantly.

Seeing Colin’s death, I don’t know how many people wanted to send blades to the screenwriter.

But this scene can almost be regarded as the title of the show——

The thirst for life leads to death, and the newly established hope turns into despair in an instant.

In the small town of Easttown, an ordinary encounter may be met by soldiers.

So, what does “Mare of Easttown” finally talk about? Bad soil.

This proposition is revealed at the beginning of the series. A set of empty shots has already outlined the desolation, depression and suffocation of the town.

In this land, evil breeds and spreads, voyeurism prevails, and drugs corrupt people’s hearts.

Families are no longer reliable, and aided dating has become the only way of life for many women.

The finale is even more chilling.

No spoilers, just two eyes.

One is that Mare was dumbfounded and at a loss when he saw the real murder in the surveillance video. She didn’t want to believe what was happening before her eyes.

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The other is that the murderer’s family questioned Mare, and she could only choke and remain silent.

The story ultimately points to the fragmentation of the family, and the crimes in this land are still spreading, almost incomprehensible.

The high level of “Mare of Easttown” is actually “plain”, no fancy style, no bizarre reversal, it is cold, depressing, and cruel. In daily life, unearth the power of tragedy.

Just as Colin died because it was a second slow, and Irene was killed because she went astray, it can even be said, “Easttown inevitable tragedy.”

Without the strength to fight against the dragon, you will be injured by the dragon.

And this kind of tragedy will only continue in this way.

Because, when the badlands are covered by nightmares, everyone will become a prisoner.

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