“Zorro” is about to shoot a new version of the movie


The popularity of superhero movies has caused major Hollywood studios to launch their own hero movie series and build a hero movie universe.

Sony, which holds the copyright of Spider-Man and related movies, does not want to be limited to the IP of Spider-Man, but has other plans.

Sony plans to launch a new restart version of the “Zorro” movie, and is currently negotiating with director Fede Alvarez from Uruguay to direct this restart version of “Zorro.”

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

Fede Alvarez has not directed many works so far, but everyone is familiar with it and has a very good reputation.

He has received attention since 2009 for a sci-fi short film “Ataque de pánico!”.

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In this 4-minute short film, he used only $300 to create a Hollywood blockbuster atmosphere.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

Then he was photographed by Sam Raimi, the director of the old version of the “Spider-Man” trilogy, and directed the new version of “The Evil Dead” in 2013.

Later, he launched a critically acclaimed thriller “Don’t Breathe”, and directed the sequel “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

Marvel once invited him to direct a movie (it is said to be “Doctor Strange”), but he finally quit because he felt that his creative freedom was interfered with.

If he took over this new version of “Zorro”, it would be his second contact with hero movies.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

Zorro’s name is not unfamiliar to some people. As one of the first masked volunteers in movie history, it can be said to be a patriarchal existence in the history of superheroes.

This hero who likes to leave the Z-shaped logo was born in 1919. Zorro’s story is set in 1781 to 1821 when Spain occupied California.

Zorro’s father was the most famous rich man in the area. Zorro, the rich second representative, was ignorant of knowledge and skill, but in secret he went everywhere under the name of Zorro.

His acting style and heroic spirit inspired the creation of a subsequent series of comic superheroes.

Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are all influenced by Zorro, especially Batman, who has a masked appearance, and he is positioned as a man of justice as a child of the rich family.

Even Batman’s Batmobile is inspired by Zorro’s mount.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

There are many movies, comics, novels, and games about Zorro.

The first Zorro movie was “The Mark of Zorro” in 1920, in which Douglas Fairbanks played the first Zorro on the screen, which was still a silent film at the time.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

The more familiar version should be “The Mask of Zorro” in 1998, and the subsequent sequel “The Legend of Zorro” in 2005.

In these two films, Antonio Banderas, an actor from Spain, puts on a mask.

And Catherine Zeta-Jones, who plays the heroine, is also a unique phantom in the film.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

As one of the earliest and most famous heroes, Sony should have a long-term plan for this role.

According to foreign media reports, this restart will return to the origin of Zorro, which is Zorro’s first appearance in 1919 in the story “The Curse of Capistrano”.

When this story was republished, it was consistent with the 1920 movie and was called “The Mark of Zorro”.

And this is also the most sold one of Zorro’s related novels, with 50 million copies sold, making it one of the highest-selling novels in history.

"Zorro" is about to shoot a new version of the movie

At present, this restart version of “Zorro” has no specific start and release time, but if the director decides it, it is estimated that further news of the project will not be far away.

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