Why did “Space Jam: A New Legacy” choose James


Why did “Space Jam: A New Legacy” choose James as the starring role instead of Durant?

In 1996, did Michael Jordan make a movie called “Slam Dunk in the Air”. At that time, Jordan won three consecutive championships, the first man in the league, and the best for the time.

And this movie is also regarded as A landmark movie in the basketball world, Jordan and anime characters team up to safeguard the world.

In July this year, “Slam Dunk 2” starring LeBron James will reappear on the big screen. This time James will replace Jordan’s position and set foot on the basketball court of the animation world again.

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Some fans will ask, why did you choose James as the protagonist of “Slam Dunk in the Sky”? Instead of Curry, Durant and others?

First of all, there is a question. Who is the second person in NBA history? There is no doubt that only James can take on this title at this stage. James has now won four championships, four finals MVPs, and four finals MVPs, and he can be compared with Jordan.

After James won the championship last year, the American media even launched a vote on whether James surpassed Jordan to become the first man in history. Nearly half of the cities chose James. This shows that in the eyes of Americans, James is qualified to break his wrists with James.

And as a movie, the most important thing is the box office, especially for this kind of commercial movie, it needs to pay back the box office.

At this stage, who in the basketball circle has the highest influence in the world? Can anyone compare to James?

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Now the social media fans of players such as Curry and Durant are not even as small as James, and those people are not out of the circle. James has at least acted in many movies and has some experience.

Choosing James also took this into consideration. With James’ popularity, there is no worry that no one will watch the movie.

It can also be seen from the promotional film that the investment in this film is very large, and there are a lot of special effects, and the pictures and the world’s top standards. There must be people who are looking forward to the release of this film.

This movie also indicates that James is officially recognized as the Jordan of this era.

Of course, James’ career is not over. James is still on his way to chase Michael Jordan. He and Jordan still have a certain gap in honor. Jordan has 10 scoring champions, 6 championships, and 5 regular season MVPs. , 6 Finals MVP.

This is unique data. Looking at the entire NBA history, it is also unique, but James’ honor is not unique.

At least the honors of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Magician are not much different from those of James, so James is still difficult to compare with Jordan, but James’s career is still going on, everything is possible.

Our fans born in this era may not have seen what Jordan is like to play, but we have seen how James plays.

Whether you like him or not, please appreciate James’ career. I don’t know when the next player like this will appear.

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