Villeneuve revealed: “Dune 2” will not start filming before the fall of 2022


“Dune 2”, which has been officially approved, is highly anticipated, and fans are also guessing when the film will be launched.

A few days ago, “Dune” director Denis Villeneuve came forward and said that the film will not start shooting soon.

Villeneuve revealed: "Dune 2" will not start filming before the fall of 2022

The earliest launch time of “Dune 2” will have to wait until the autumn of 2022.

Denis Villeneuve’s expected start-up time is only less than a year earlier than the planned release time on October 20, 2023.

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The tightness of its construction period can be imagined.

However, Denis Villeneuve does not think this is a problem.

Villeneuve revealed: "Dune 2" will not start filming before the fall of 2022

He said: “It won’t start in the spring. In that case, the time is too tight. We still have a lot of work to do. The earliest start-up time may be in the autumn. Even so, it is a very fast approach.”

Judging from Denis Villeneuve’s rhetoric, he is not worried about the sequel, nor is he nervous or worried about catching up with the schedule.

And “Dune 3” was also put on the agenda by Denis Villeneuve.

In a previous interview, he said: “”Dune” is a huge story. To respect it, I think I have to make at least three films. This is my dream. It will be very easy to finish the storyline of Paul Atreides. Great. Herbert has written six books, and the more he writes, the more psychedelic he writes. Some of them I don’t know how to make movies. One by one, so if I can make “Dune 2” and “Dune Messiah,” Very lucky”.

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“Dune” is based on the growth of the protagonist Paul Atreides.

There are six original novels in total. The first Dune novel was published in 1965, and the last Chapterhouse: Dune was completed in 1985.

The time span of his writing is 20 years.

Subsequent stories will become increasingly exaggerated. For example, in subsequent novels, Frank Herbert described Paul’s son Leto II becoming a sandworm.

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