“Turning Red” Rotten Tomatoes is 92% fresh and it’s been called Pixar’s best since “Inside Out”


Pixar’s new film “Turning Red” has a score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes (21 ratings, 19 fresh and 2 rotten), and an MTC score of 88 (18 ratings are all good).

"Turning Red" Rotten Tomatoes is 92% fresh and it's been called Pixar's best since "Inside Out"

Some excerpts from “Turning Red” reviews:

Nerdist: An endearing, relatable story about how to grow up—without barriers.

Slashfilm: Another great Pixar adventure that goes from mundane to thrilling thanks to its high-spirited and ground-breaking animation style.

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“The Daily Telegraph”: It’s hard to know what’s most impressive about this new Pixar game: its boundless artistry, unique creativity, weird comic-book verve, or whether the studio actually made it This pure fact.

In Review Online: A continuation of Disney’s beloved globalization and/or diversification of sources, but also in the same cookie-cutter, symbolic, and superficial way.

ScreenCrush: Pixar’s best since “Inside Out.”

“Turning Red” will be launched on Disney+ this Friday (March 11), and some countries and regions not covered by D+ will land in theaters.

Directed by “Bao” director Domee Shi, the film tells the story of a Chinese-Canadian girl, Xiao Mei, who experiences growing pains.

But hers is a little more special than the others: when Merlin gets really excited, she turns into a big red panda.

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