“Top Gun: Maverick‎” shot up to 800 hours of footage


“Top Gun: Maverick‎‎” will have its world premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and release in North America on May 27.

In a recent interview with “Empire” magazine, director Joseph Kosinski revealed that the film took a total of 800 hours of material, which is comparable to the length of the three “The Lord of the Rings” material: “Because you can only go from 12 to 14 hours a day. It’s not easy to pick out a good picture for 30 seconds in time.”

"Top Gun: Maverick‎" shot up to 800 hours of footage

Aerial shoots required capturing not only exterior shots of the aircraft, but also footage of the actors operating the cameras in the cabin.

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“We’re going to teach the cast about lighting, photography and editing,” star and producer Tom Cruise said. “I’m going to teach people how to turn the camera on and off, and the camera angles and shots. Our time on the plane is Limited. Twenty or thirty minutes into the boot, I have to make sure we grabbed the material we wanted.”

"Top Gun: Maverick‎" shot up to 800 hours of footage

According to media reports, due to multiple delays, “Top Gun: Maverick‎” completed the post-production early, and many people in the industry have already seen the whole film.

Last year, British filmmaker Edgar Wright revealed on social platforms that he had watched “Top Gun: Maverick‎” twice, including the experience on the IMAX big screen.

In an interview with “Empire” magazine, the creator of “Top Gun: Maverick‎” said that Tony Scott’s brother Ridley Scott also watched the film and gave it a good review.

Tony Scott, the director of 1986’s “Top Gun‎”, established himself in Hollywood with this action movie.

Tony Scott initially discussed the possibility of a sequel with Tom Cruise and Bruckheimer, but died suddenly in 2012.

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“My first conversation about ‘Top Gun: Maverick‎’ was 11 years ago when I was called to a meeting with Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison.

Then, unfortunately, Tony passed away and the movie went with it. ” recalls Christopher McQuarrie, the screenwriter of the film.

Tom Cruise recalls his last meeting with Tony Scott: “I met Tony on Friday and he died on Sunday. It was horrible.”

“We were very close,” recalls Bruckheimer. “I went to the U.S. Naval Fighter Weapons School with Tony to exchange ideas with some officers and pilots.”

“Top Gun: Maverick‎” has been dormant for several years since Tony Scott’s death.

Director Joseph Kosinski (“TRON: Legacy‎” “Oblivion”) eventually took over as director of the sequel, but still retains many of the familiar elements from the first work 36 years ago.

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