The number of Netflix movies has plummeted by 40% in 7 years, and the streaming giant is facing a crisis!


Netflix is ​​facing stronger-than-ever streaming rivals, users are fed up with price hikes, password sharing has dealt a huge blow, and junk shows are flooding the platform more than ever The situation has weakened the attractiveness of this platform to users.

The number of Netflix movies has plummeted by 40% in 7 years, and the streaming giant is facing a crisis!

And over the past few years, Netflix movies have also disappeared from streaming.

Specifically, Netflix has drastically reduced its movie library in recent years, and the extent to which it has done so may surprise people.

What’s On Netflix released an analysis of Netflix movies in the US, which found that back in May 2015, the platform had 4,751 movies available (in the US).

Fast-forward to today, and that number has dropped by nearly 40%, with just over 3,000 films, 1,735 of which have disappeared.

During the same period, Netflix ramped up its own original film production, offering users films such as “Red Notice”, “The Adam Project” and “365 Days: This Day‎,” Netflix’s No. 1 English-language film in the world.

In other words, if you take back the original movies that Netflix has added over the same period, it actually looks more pronounced that Netflix movies are dwindling from streaming’s available inventory.

But more importantly, what is the implication here? To some, it might seem like you’re paying more for less.

If, you’re a huge movie fan — remember, this is really something Netflix built in its early days.

Of course, the balance has gradually shifted over time. Relative to movies, Netflix now gets more attention and scrutiny from the press and global users for its TV shows. Just take a look at the latest Netflix Global Top 10 list.

Speaking of Netflix movies, according to public data, the following are the top ten English-language movies in the world in the last 7 days:

“365 Days: This Day‎”/”365 Days: This Day‎” — 77.9 million hours watched

“Silverton Siege” — 20.2 million hours watched

“The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” — 15.3 million hours watched

“Untitled 365 Days Sequel‎” 365 Days — 10 million hours watched

“The Vault” — 6.6 million hours watched

“How It Ends” — 6.6 million hours watched

“The In Between” — 6 million hours watched

“The Adam Project” — 5.6 million hours watched

“Sonic the Hedgehog” — 4.9 million hours watched

“Shrek‎” — 4.5 million hours watched

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