The new version of “Predator” exposes stills, and the film is named “Prey”


Today, 20th Century Studios’ official Twitter post announced that the latest “Predator” series of movies was named “Prey” and the latest concept map of the movie was released.

The new version of "Predator" exposes stills, and the film is named "Prey"

The film will be directed by Daniel Trachtenberg, director of the American drama The Boys.

With female characters as the protagonist, it tells the story of the early arrival of Predators to the earth.

In the stills, a little human girl is holding a homemade bow and arrow, and behind her is a huge alien monster.

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According to the original plan, this film will place the story on the origin of alien creatures, telling how they came to the earth and became the enemy of mankind.

The new version of "Predator" exposes stills, and the film is named "Prey"

20th Century Studios currently keeps the plot of the film confidential, so there is no way to know the specific plot of “Prey”.

The human story will be told in a few young women.

“Predator” is a large-scale IP of 20th Century Studios.

Although producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal’s restart in 2010 did not succeed.

But 20th Century Studios obviously does not want to put this series on the shelf.

Currently, this brand new “Prey” is tentatively scheduled to exclusively land on the streaming media platform Hulu in 2022.

“Predator” has been filmed in multiple versions. In 1987, the original “Predator” starring Schwarzenegger had a sequel “Predator 2”.

In 2004 and 2007, he filmed two “Alien vs.Predator” rumours.

2010 Oscar winner Adrien Brody starred in the restart version of “Predators”.

In 2018, another version of “The Predator” was shot.

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