The loneliest whale in the world, they made a warm documentary for it


In this world, no life is destined to be alone. But I wonder if you have heard the story of the loneliest whale in the world?

If not, please let me tell you again:

In the vast and deep ocean, the special singing of a whale resounded.

Different from the 15-40 Hz singing frequency of ordinary whales, the singing frequency of this whale is 52 Hz.

what does that mean?

This means that other whales will never hear its voice, and the song it sings will never get a response.

The sound of this whale was first caught in 1989. The strange sound caught the attention of the monitor. It seemed to be the sound of a whale?

But why is it so different from other whales?

The loneliest whale in the world

A picture of the sound frequency of a whale. The sound frequency of this whale is much higher than that of its kind.

Since then, humans have learned about its loneliness, they named it Alice, and tracked and recorded Alice.

Tracking records show that Alice has been singing alone for decades.

From the warmth of central California to the biting ocean currents of the North Pacific, I moved all the way to search, but I never got any response.

The last time I heard Alice’s singing was in 2014, because that year, Bill Watkins, who had been tracking this whale for 12 years, passed away.

The loneliest whale in the world

Bill was a marine mammal researcher before his death. A few months before his death, he summed up his 12-year record: “This whale with a sound of 52 Hz is not only unusual, it is also unique.”

Since then, people have never heard the 52 Hz sound again, and don’t know if it is safe.

But many people still remember it. Taiwanese female singer Chen Qizhen wrote “52 Hz”, and German writer AgnieSzka Jurek created children’s picture books for it.

The loneliest whale in the world

Until 2013, the British newspaper The Express declared, “This whale has stopped its search for love.”

However, there are still people who have not given up. When Josh zeman heard about Alice’s story for the first time, he was deeply moved: “Calling hard but not getting a response, this is what humans fear most.

We are social animals, and so are whales.

We deserve to be surrounded by love. Imagine Alice looking forever alone. What kind of feeling is that…”

Josh had the idea of ​​searching for Alice, and he wanted to make a documentary about the journey of searching.

The loneliest whale in the world

To this end, he found a dedicated producer Adrian Grenier.

Unexpectedly, the two hit it off! “Find this whale with Hertz 52 and be its friend!”

In order to make this documentary, the two actively raised funds.

They put the project on the crowdfunding website. The goal of the project is to find the loneliest whale in the world and pay attention to ocean noise pollution.

The loneliest whale in the world

Ocean noise pollution has become an invisible but extremely important problem.

Acoustic-oriented marine life is affected by the industrialization of the ocean, and communication is hindered.

Living organisms are exposed to noise for a long time, and even their lives are threatened.

Adrian also actively promotes the project. He participates in various charity activities and participates in long-distance running competitions to attract people’s attention and support.

The loneliest whale in the world

The crowdfunding project has won people’s support, and the target funds have even been overfulfilled.

Now, the search for the loneliest whale fleet has set off.

Amidst the waves of the vast Pacific, they were listening carefully and shooting with all their hearts.

And send us messages from time to time: “Collecting data at sea is a challenge, the weather is really a big problem.” “We have tracked a lot of blue whale songs, as well as fin whales.”

The task is arduous, I wish them success, and all we can do is to wait patiently for the return of the miracle…

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