‘The Good Lawyer’: Popular American drama ‘The Good Doctor’ plans to launch a legal spin-off series


The popular medical drama ‘The Good Doctor’ is planning to launch a legal spin-off ‘The Good Lawyer’.

The show is already in development at ABC, created by ‘The Good Doctor’ operators David Shore and Liz Friedman.

‘The Good Lawyer’ will feature a female lawyer, Joni. Like ‘The Good Doctor’ protagonist Shaun, who suffers from autism and schizophrenia, Joni is a skilled defense attorney in her 20s who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

'The Good Lawyer': Popular American drama 'The Good Doctor' plans to launch a legal spin-off series | FMV6

She is funny, warm, self-aware and a little anxious, an excellent lawyer, detail-oriented, over-thinking and with strong analytical skills.

Joni, who excelled in law school and on the bar exam, can be looked at differently because of her OCD. She doesn’t like being treated differently, is often embarrassed by her symptoms, and risks being fired from her firm for her “bizarre” behavior, for which she has had to file a lawsuit.

Joni and Janet, another character from ‘The Good Lawyer’, will debut in the 13th episode of the new sixth season of ‘The Good Doctor’ (which starts this October), which also introduces the show ‘The Good Lawyer’.

Shaun will be in legal trouble, and Joni’s team will defend him.

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