‘The Flash’ to have early screening at CinemaCon in April


According to media reports, ‘The Flash’ will be screened in its entirety for U.S. theater managers at CinemaCon on April 25 this year, two months ahead of its worldwide release date in June.

It is understood that Warner is very optimistic about the film, hoping that positive reviews in advance to attract the attention of the audience, but also want to use the film’s word of mouth to mitigate the negative public opinion of the lead actor Ezra Miller.

'The Flash' to have early screening at CinemaCon in April | FMV6

Ezra Miller accepted a plea agreement in January of this year, pleaded guilty to trespassing charges and is under protective custody for one year.

Last year Paramount at CinemaCon advance screening ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ full film, received positive feedback, also helped the film summer box office sales, topped Northern America annual crown.

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