“Tetsuwan atomu” announced the reboot of the full 52 episodes of animation, it will be directed by the famous French director Thomas Astruc


Today, according to media reports, ‘Tetsuwan atomu’ has announced the production of a reboot of all 52 episodes, each 26 minutes, co-produced by Tezuka Productions, Shibuya Productions, and Method Animation.


The reboot animation will be directed by French director Thomas Astruc.

Although the Mighty Atom series has undergone several remakes since its launch in 1950, this iteration is timely, however, as the media believes the animation can respond to today’s topical issues, including the impact of the Internet, social media, and the damage humans are causing to the environment.


Cedric Biscay, President and CEO of Shibuya Productions, said, “Rebooting ‘Tetsuwan atomu’ is a huge responsibility and I am delighted to have met an ambitious and passionate team at Method Animation, and together we will take the series to its greatest heights. Together, we will take this series to its highest heights”.

And director Thomas Astruc had this to say: “No one can match the influence Osamu Tezuka has had on me, and I think ‘Tetsuwan atomu’ badly needs to return, his influence is huge!”

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